Bode Miller and Wife Morgan Beck Pregnant with Sixth Child

by Will Shepard

Bode Miller is the most decorated male skier in U.S. history. He had 33 World Cup wins, with two overall titles, four world championships, and six Olympic medals. Now, though, he is a family man. He and his wife, Morgan Beck, announced recently that they are going to have a sixth child.

The news of her pregnancy comes just 18 months after the birth of their twin sons. This comes three years after their 19-month-old daughter tragically passed away.

Bode Miller and Morgan Beck shared the news on Wednesday morning, May 19. The two also said that the baby is due in November. Additionally, both admitted that they are hoping for a baby girl to mix in with their boys.

Both of them are superstar athletes and have had five children together. Beck is a professional volleyball player. Bode Miller had two other children before he got married to Beck. Nonetheless, they are raising six children together already.

Bode Miller and Morgan Beck Still Have a Lot of Love Left to Give

Bode Miller and Morgan Beck talked about how they wanted to try for another girl together. Even though they said that Emeline, who passed away too young, could never be “replaced,” they felt that they still had more love to give to another child.

The retired skier talked to People Magazine about their newest child. “After losing Emmy, we both felt like we wanted to try for a girl,” Bode Miller said. “You know, there’s obviously no replacing kids.

Morgan Beck also said, “When you lose someone like that, when you lose a child, you really recognize how special [that parent-child relationship] is. And, not that we were ungrateful for what we had, our kids are absolutely incredible. But we just had so much more love to give, and we had so much more love we wanted to give.”

The couple didn’t reveal what they were going to name their newest child. But, the baby will have four brothers – Nash, Easton, and the two twins, Asher and Aksel. Additionally, the baby will have two other siblings from Bode Miller’s previous relationship – a half-sister, Dace, and half-brother, Nate.

According to the two superstar athletes, their newest child will be their last. The former Olympic gold medalist said, “We’re finally on our last pregnancy. We’re at the finish line.”

Morgan Beck also said, “Kids require a lot of attention and a lot of love. We have a lot of attention and a lot of love to give, but we feel like this will be the last one for us to be able to put all of ourselves into. So that way, all of them still get a bunch of love and attention. And we’re not stretching ourselves too thin.”