Boxer Gervonta Davis Survives Private Jet Crash, Livestreams Scary Experience

by Matthew Memrick

Though Gervonta Davis’s private jet crash turned out to be minor, the boxer live-streamed his scary experience moments on Saturday.

TMZ reported that the WBA super-lightweight world champion’s plane had a bad takeoff. 

Fox Sports Radio host Andy Slater reported that Davis’s plane was trying to leave Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport when the accident happened. 

Slater said ten passengers and four crew members walked away from the incident. One photo Slater posted showed landing gear wheels detached from the plane and on the runway.

After seeing Slater’s photos, one Twitter user responded that it was weird to see a Gulfstream plane like Davis’s have that kind of damage. Another Twitter user wanted pilot audio communication from the tower.

Gervonta Davis Shaken But Okay

Before takeoff, the 26-year-old Baltimore native posted some photos on social media during his boarding. He went live on Instagram on the runway with the crashed plane in the background less than an hour later.

The website Black Sports Online said it thought Gervonta Davis was flying to Las Vegas for the Pacquiao-Ugas fight.

During the Livestream video, Davis tells his viewers: “I’m shaken. This is some movie s***.”

Gervonta Davis told viewers he was getting his feet wrapped in gauze as the plane crashed. 

“I’m good,” Davis said. “It’s just that my ass is hot. I’m sitting on this hot-ass concrete.”

In the Instagram video, he said his body hurt like someone had taken a stick to him.

“You ever been whipped before?” Gervonta Davis asked. “With a switch or a belt? That’s how my ass feels.”

Minutes later, Davis said he was giving up taking planes for transportation. He said he would be driving or catching a train. However, he had no words about taking any boats for international travel. Later, he commends the pilot, saying, “we (the plane) could’ve ended up over there.”

There was no view of that area in the video. 

Davis finished the Livestream by saying a friend had talked with the pilot. The friend related that pilot said he had no control of the plane.

An Eventful Year For Gervonta Davis   

In March, Gervonta Davis was in the news for a traffic accident that sent four to the hospital. The Baltimore Sun reported that Davis hit a car in his Lamborgini SUV. Davis left the scene in another vehicle. He’s facing charges in that incident. 

On June 26, Gervonta Davis got a knockout win over Mario Barrios for his WBA title. He has a 25-0 record and has won belts in three different weight classes. BoxingInsider reported in July that the pay-per-view fight grossed $16 million. According to ESPN, Davis has a No. 2 rank in the junior lightweight division and had plans to fight in October.