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Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather Has Reportedly Been in Talks About Owning an NBA Team in Las Vegas

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

NBA ownership might soon be in the picture for boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. According to a report, he’s “working on getting a team,” though not many specifics were provided in his quest to join the league.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Mayweather is working “behind the scenes” on potentially becoming an owner in the NBA. He says he’s been working with the league regarding this potential business endeavor.

“Me and my team have been working behind the scenes with the NBA,” Mayweather said after announcing an upcoming exhibition fight against Mikuru Asakura. “I can’t say exactly where, but I’m working on getting a team.”

Mayweather explained that discussions have been ongoing for six months. He would prefer to own a team in Las Vegas, though he has ambitions of ownership even if Sin City isn’t the location.

Currently, no NBA team resides in Las Vegas. In order for Mayweather’s dream to become a reality, one of the current organizations would need to relocate or the league would have to expand, adding a 31st franchise.

On the Same Page with LeBron James?

Floyd Mayweather’s mention of owning an NBA team in Las Vegas comes at a very interesting time. In a recent episode of The Shop, LeBron James also expressed interest in taking on an ownership role in Vegas once his playing career concludes.

During the episode, James was asked by friend and business partner Carter Maverick if he’d be interested in a role as an NBA broadcaster. The 18-time All-Star said it’s an avenue he’d like to explore – especially considering the $375 million deal Tom Brady will receive from FOX following his playing days.

Since team ownership and broadcasting would violate the NBA’s tampering rules, James said he’d like to own a team before getting behind the microphone.

“I wanna own a team. Buy a team, for sure,” James said. “I want a team in Vegas. … I would much rather own a team before I talk.”

Is it just a coincidence that both Mayweather and James are seriously looking into team ownership in Las Vegas? Or are the two working together behind the scenes to expand the league’s reach into the desert?

Not Mayweather’s First Sports Ownership Venture

While owning an NBA team in Las Vegas would certainly be a huge step for Floyd Mayweather, he does have experience in this area. He’s branched out into sports ownership recently in the racing circuit.

Mayweather currently owns The Money Team, which participates in the NASCAR Cup Series. Kaz Grala is a part-time driver for the No. 50 car. The team made its debut on the track in the 2022 Daytona 500. Grala finished No. 26 in the race.

The Money Team’s Chevy has participated in three events on the NASCAR Cup Series circuit this year, making appearances in the Daytona 500, EchoPark Texas Grand Prix and the Coca-Cola 600. Grala’s highest finish is 23rd in the Coca-Cola 600.