Bragging Rights: Watch Cleveland’s Bradley Zimmer Hit Home Run Off Brother and Royals Pitcher Kyle Zimmer

by Chris Haney

Not all sibling rivalries are created equal, especially in the case of Kyle and Bradley Zimmer who each play for separate MLB teams. In fact, the pair went head-to-head late in today’s game with Bradley getting the best of Kyle when he sent his brother’s pitch over the right-field wall.

Kansas City and Cleveland played a makeup game this afternoon at Progressive Field after it was postponed on Wednesday. Sports fans occasionally see family members playing professional sports at the same time. But today’s unlikely scenario is definitely a rarity.

Major League Baseball has had numerous famous family members who played at the same time, some even on the same team. Ken Griffey Jr. famously played with his dad during his early years with the Seattle Mariners. Brothers Justin and B.J. Upton’s baseball careers collided in Atlanta when they each played for the Braves in 2013 and 2014. Additionally, pitchers Ramon and Pedro Martinez each had lengthy careers on the mound.

There’s many more players that have made the big leagues that share family ties with other players. However, it isn’t often you get to witness one family member at the plate while the other is on the mound in the same game. That’s exactly what happened in the 8th inning on Monday when relief pitcher Kyle Zimmer came into the game and faced his younger brother Bradley Zimmer.

Bradley Zimmer Gets the Best of His Older Brother

There’s a two-year difference between brothers Kyle and Bradley Zimmer. One has to think that they likely grew up playing baseball together for years. From Little League to their overlapping years at La Jolla High School in San Diego, California, the brothers had to have competed against each other in practice at a minimum.

Yet they each took different paths to the major leagues after high school. 30-year-old Kyle Zimmer attended the University of San Francisco before being drafted by the Kansas City Royals in 2012. He’s been with the ball club ever since and made his major league debut in 2019.

28-year-old Bradley Zimmer was drafted by the Chicago Cubs out of high school, but didn’t sign with the team. He also chose to attend the University of San Francisco, and was then drafted by Cleveland in 2014 as one of the best prospects in the nation. Like his brother, he has played for the same team his whole career. In 2017, Bradley made his major league debut with Cleveland.

Today, they met face to face. Kyle entered the game late with Kansas City trailing Cleveland. In the 8th inning, the stars aligned as Bradley stepped up to the plate against his older brother. Kyle threw Bradley a ball and a strike to begin the at-bat. But with a 1-1 count, Bradley Zimmer booted his brother’s next pitch well over the right-field wall.

As Bradley Zimmer rounded third base, he had a slight smile on his face. He hit a home run against his brother and his team won 8-3. As the announcer stated, “[Bradley’s] got bragging rights probably for all-time.” We’ve got a feeling that Kyle will be hearing about his brother’s homer for months, if not years, to come.