Brett Favre Has Some Words for Patrick Mahomes

by Katie Maloney

Former NFL quarterback, Brett Favre, is offering advice to Patrick Mahomes about his concussion and his upcoming playoff game.

During Sunday’s games against the Cleveland Browns, the Chief’s star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, suffered a head injury. After a hit in the third quarter, Mahomes had to be helped to his feet. He appeared dazed and needed immediate assistance. After an initial evaluation by the Chiefs’ team physician and an unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant, he was ruled out for the rest of the game. That decision puts Mahomes in the concussion protocol.

With playoffs on the line for this week’s game against the Buffalo Bills, fans are wondering whether or not Mahomes will be cleared to play. As an advocate for taking concussions seriously, former NFL quarterback, Brett Favre shares his thoughts on the decision.

“Concussions kind of took a back seat with COVID. Quite frankly, it took a star layer – the player – that the NFL is riding right now, to get hurt to bring concussions back to the forefront. They’re [concussions] not going away…They are extremely dangerous. We’re just scraping the surface of what it does to the brain and it’s not good. I hate it for Patrick. The protocols are in place, let’s see if they follow it,” says Favre

Brett Favre Warns Young Athletes Against Believing They Are ‘Bulletproof’

Now 51, Favre had his fair share of concussions throughout his career. So many, in fact, that he now believes he suffers from symptoms of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a progressive degenerative brain disease in people with a history of repetitive brain trauma. However, as an athlete, Favre says he understands the temptation to play through an injury.

“Who knows what level of concussion he had. Is it extreme? It didn’t look good at all,” says Favre. “Well, I can promise you, because I’ve been there, he’s going to feel absolutely 100 percent ready to play,” says Favre. “Let’s say he had a headache on Friday, is he going to tell them? I doubt it because he wants to play,” he says.

However, Favre warns Mahomes and other players against ignoring concussion symptoms.

“When you’re in the moment, and you’re young, you’re bulletproof, man,” says Favre. “But, I’m 51 years old and I’m wondering what tomorrow will bring because of concussions more than anything,” he says. “I played 321 straight games. It kind of goes against everything I stood for when I played,” says Favre. “But you gotta be smart. I was never faced with the decision that he [Mahomes] potentially will face this week. Ultimately, the decision may fall on the doctors. And if they choose that he doesn’t play, then it’s the right move because of the long term damage,” says Favre.

In conclusion, Favre says that this decision is significant not only for Mahomes but for all of NFL.

“This is a test for the NFL right now. To see a star player in a crucial game, what will happen with their decision,” he says.