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Brett Favre Reveals Who ‘Scared’ Him During His Iconic NFL Career

by Atlanta Northcutt
Photo credit: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Brett Favre has gone up against many of the greatest football players during his 20 years in the NFL. And there are a few particular players the sports legend is actually afraid of.

Brett Favre is known for his many legendary achievements throughout his football career. He was voted most valuable player three times. He led his team to the Super Bowl twice, winning against the New England Patriots in 1997. Favre holds the all-time record of 297 regular season consecutive starts, not including the playoffs and Super Bowls.

Brett Favre Admits a Few Defenders Unnerved Him

However, even with all of his success, the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback admits he was afraid of a few of the defensive players.

During an interview with Eric Bolling on“America This Week” he spoke about his career as one of the top legendary football players. Favre also opened up about what other athletes scared him the most.

“Who scared you on the other side of the line,” asks Bolling.

Favre named three players.

Reggie White, a defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, is high on the list.

“Well, Reggie White would have been the first, but thankfully I played with him after that,” says Favre. “He was a load,” Brett emphasizes.

He also mentioned John Randall, a defensive tackle with the Minnesota Vikings. Warren Sapp, who played most of his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is an intimidating opponent.

“I would say John Randall and Warren Sapp, two-division guys,” he says. “That was back when Tampa was in our division, and both of them were good trash-talkers.”

“I’d give the nod to Warren,” adds Brett.”Warren Sapp would say [something in gibberish], but John kind of intellectually trash-talked you like, ‘Hey. How’s the family doing?'”

Along with the Green Bay Packers, Favre’s football NFL career included being a quarterback on the Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, and Atlanta Falcons.