Brett Favre Wanted to Use Mississippi Welfare Money for Football Facility, Texts Reveal

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The controversy surrounding legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre continues this week as more information comes out about the Hall of Famer allegedly collecting millions in welfare money. Most recently, reports have come out about new court documents showing that he wanted to use Mississippi welfare money for new football facilities.

Over the weekend, the contents of a new 62-page court filing containing texts between Favre and then-Gov. Phil Bryant were revealed. Within the texts, Bryant warned Favre that misusing Mississippi welfare funds could lead to violations of federal law. Yet Favre continued to push for the funds to be used for new athletic facilities at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Two years ago, Brett Favre supposedly collected millions to fund a volleyball arena at his alma mater. Bryant’s texts also show that the Super Bowl-winning QB wanted even more money to fund a new football facility.

According to a TMZ report, Bryant’s attorneys said that Favre contacted the former Mississippi governor once again about using more funds. In 2019, the quarterback pitched a potential indoor practice facility at USM. Favre had already allegedly asked for about $5 million for the new volleyball arena.

Governor Bryant warned Favre of possible ramifications. But Bryant’s legal team claims Favre “continued to press for state funds.” According to ESPN, he wanted upwards of $2 million more in welfare funds to be used for projects related to SMU’s football team.

Brett Favre Pushed the Former Governor for More Funds

TMZ shared further specifics of the court documents in their report. They shared detailed texts between Brett Favre and the former Mississippi governor. Favre seemingly pressed Bryant about the funds and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“We obviously need your help big time and time is working against us,” Favre texted Bryant. “And we feel that your name is the perfect choice for this facility and we are not taking No for an answer! You are a Southern Miss Alumni, and folks need to know you are also a supporter of the University.”

“We are going to get there,” Bryant responded. “This was a great meeting. But we have to follow the law. I am to[o] old for Federal Prison.”

Later in the documents, Bryant says he spoke with former Southern Miss president Rodney Bennett. The university president claims he “asked Brett not to do the things he’s doing.” Instead, he suggested that Brett Favre “seek funding from state agencies and the legislature.”

Favre is named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed by the state of Mississippi over misused welfare funds. The Hall of Famer’s legal team has stated that their client didn’t realize where the facility funding would come from.

Last week in a related case, former Mississippi Department of Human Services director John Davis pled guilty to defrauding the State of Mississippi. Davis conspired to misuse more than $70 million in federal funds from the state.