Brett Favre’s Former Teammate Slams the Packers Legend Over Mississippi Welfare Scandal

by Nick Geddes

NFL legend Brett Favre is in hot water stemming from his possible involvement in a Mississippi welfare scandal.

The FBI questioned the Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback earlier this month after it was reported that former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant paid Favre $1.1 million in 2017 and 2018 for motivational speeches. The money came out of federal welfare funds meant for needy families, according to NBC News. Per the Mississippi state auditor, Favre never gave those speeches. The auditor demanded the money back with interest.

Favre repaid the fees but has yet to fork over the $228,000 in interest. His lawyer, Bud Holmes, said his client never understood the money he was paid was intended to help poor children. Favre is currently not facing any criminal charges.

Sage Rosenfels, a nine-year NFL veteran, and teammate of Favre’s with the Minnesota Vikings in 2009, took to Twitter Thursday to speak out on Favre’s connection to the welfare case.

“Since retirement, I have been lucky to avoid stealing millions of dollars from the poorest people in my state,” Rosenfels tweeted.

Rosenfels followed that up with a bit of a dig at himself.

“Of course, this is partially because I had already stolen millions from the richest people in our country,” Rosenfels tweeted.

Brett Favre Could Be in Some Serious Trouble

Rosenfels is the latest former player to speak out on Favre. NFL legend and FS1 host Shannon Sharpe verbally eviscerated Favre last Wednesday over his connection to the ongoing Mississippi fraud case.

Sharpe voiced his displeasure with Favre on “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed,” saying that the Hall of Fame quarterback would have to be a “crazy mofo” to steal from the underserved.

“You got to be a sorry mofo to steal from the lowest,” Sharpe said. “Mississippi is the poorest state in our country. So if they’re the poorest state, Brett Favre is taking from the underserved. You made a hundred plus million dollars in the NFL… he’s been a sleazeball, he’s been shady for a very very long time.”

In total, nearly $70 million in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) money was spread out. $5 million went towards building a new volleyball facility at the University of Southern Mississippi, where Favre’s daughter played the sport at the time. Mississippi Today released a new report Tuesday showing text messages between Favre and Bryant between 2017 and 2019.

The messages were filed last Monday in the state of Mississippi’s civil lawsuit over misused welfare funds. The messages provide evidence that Favre, Bryant and others worked together to channel the $5 million for the volleyball facility.

“Just left Brett Favre,” Bryant texted nonprofit founder Nancy New in July of 2019. “Can we help him with his project. We should meet soon to see how I can make sure we keep your projects on course.”

The texts came after Bryant ousted former welfare agency director John Davis for suspected fraud. Favre sent a separate message to Bryant asking what impact that would have on the plans to build the volleyball facility.

“I will handle that,” Bryant texted Favre, “long story but had to make a change. But I will call Nancy and see what it will take.”