Brian Daboll Tells Legendary Story of Time He Interviewed Dan Campbell

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

New York Giants (7-2) head coach Brian Daboll still remembers one of the first interactions he had with Detroit Lions (3-6) head coach Dan Campbell.

For that, we go back in time to 2011 when Daboll served as offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins under head coach Tony Sparano. Sparano suggested Dabioll interview Campbell about an assistant role. At the time, Campbell was a coaching intern for Miami.

Daboll obliged.

With New York and Detroit set to go head-to-head in Week 11 Sunday, Daboll revealed how that interview with Campbell went. As you could expect, Campbell was intense.

“Tony said, ‘Hey, I got this guy that I think will be good. Why don’t we interview him? You take care of the interview.’ So, I interviewed Dan,” Daboll said Wednesday, via CBS Sports. “It was a great interview. He’s slamming chairs on the ground, hitting walls, and going through all these drills.

“You guys know him. He’s a great person. Fantastic family. It was an entertaining interview. Knew a lot, obviously. He was very passionate. Tough as nails. You could tell. Heck, he was out of breath in half that interview with the stuff he was doing. Yeah, great guy.”

Campbell got the job.

The next day, Campbell was in the facility at 5:30 a.m. Rather than breaking down film, he was power cleaning and squatting.

Brian Daboll, Dan Campbell Share Mutual Respect

Both Daboll and Campbell share a mutual respect for one another, though their coaching paths only crossed that lone season in Miami. Daboll Gradually ascended through roles at the professional and college level before being hired by the Giants this past offseason. Campbell, meanwhile, stuck it out with the Dolphins for five seasons and later the New Orleans Saints for the same amount of time before getting the opportunity with the Lions last season.

“Man, I [was] always real impressed with him,” Campbell said of Daboll, via The Detroit News. “He’s very smart, high energy, he’s got a real good personality about him. He can mesh with just about anybody, and he was — man, he was fun to work with… He’s got a ton of experience with a lot of good coaches, a lot of different places. He’s met a lot of different people. … I think just being able to kind of be around and get a vantage point of different — a little bit of everything — players, coaches, schemes, I think has helped him.”