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Brian Kelly is Back: LSU Coach Appears in Another Dance Video with New Recruit

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Ever since Massachusetts native Brian Kelly got to Baton Rouge, he has taken on an entirely new personality it seems.

The videos that have come out from LSU in recent months are hilarious and bizarre. When the university first introduced Kelly as the new head coach, he put on a weird accent during a speech that went viral. Fans were not very impressed.

Then, after landing a top QB prospect in Walker Howard, Bayou Brian Kelly was back at it again. This time he was dancing on a turning platform with the recruit. Check that video out below.

Coach Kelly can’t dance too well, but at least he is giving it his all. With Howard, he put on a smile and threw up the “L” and did a little jig. Once again, the internet took over and started cracking jokes and making comments.

As a glutton for punishment, Brian Kelly once again stepped in front of the camera in the weird photo room while the camera guy made himself dizzy for a little while. This time it was with tight end prospect Danny Lewis Jr. Lewis isn’t as highly rated as the QB Howard, but he is a solid prospect with solid measurables.

Unfortunately, for Lewis, his video was even more strange and cringey than the predecessors. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

You never want it to look like you’re dancing with a recruit. The positioning of the two in the video is strange, Kelly looks so small in comparison to Lewis, and he does that weird eye thing with his hands as the video goes to slow motion.

Now, I’m sure the recruits love having a fun coach… but this is a little much. Fans were laughing.

Fans Blast Brian Kelly for ‘Cringe’ Once Again

Oh, Brian Kelly. You haven’t even played one game and already are making headlines. While Coach Orgeron was a character, it was charming and natural. It seems that Kelly is trying to live up to the ego and coolness of the LSU program, and not the other way around.

Christopher Morris replied to the video by tweeting, “I can’t stop watching this.” I’m sure he means that in a “watching a train wreck and can’t look away” kind of way than in a good way.

Listen, Brian Kelly. Let’s talk. We know you’re a good football coach. Winningest coach ever at Notre Dame, all of that. But, you gotta tone it down. We’re begging you. The college football world needs villains, but not like this.

Then again… these videos are hilarious to see. If Bayou Brian doesn’t get it done fast and early in Baton Rogue it won’t be dancing recruiting videos and fun accents.