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Brian Kelly Showed Off His Dance Moves and College Football Fans Are Not Impressed

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

The Brian Kelly era at LSU is underway and that means we are going to keep getting bizarre videos of the football coach. The latest comes from a big-time QB commitment.

Walker Howard announced to the world with one quick video featuring his future coach that he was going to be a Tiger. However, it is the addition of Kelly in the video that has people asking questions and shaking their heads.

Look, I don’t know what else to say. You just have to see the video for yourself. So check that out below and get ready for some of the worst dancing you will see for the rest of the year.

Howard is a consensus four-star recruit with Rivals placing him as a five-star ahead of his graduation. The St. Thomas More QB is a Lafayette, Louisiana native. This is a big get for Brian Kelly. Coach knows how to recruit and knows how to win games. However, he does not know how to find a rhythm.

Callin’ Baton Rouge is playing in the video. The song is an LSU favorite and played at tailgates and parties and games all the time. The Tigers are happy with their new coach and are ready to see their team rise the ranks of the NCAA once again.

However, the rest of the college football world is laughing. It’s just a bit dorky is all.

Reactions to LSU Recruit’s Video

Soon after Howard posted the video, Twitter spread it like wildfire. Him standing back to back with Brian Kelly, throwing up the L, dancing while Howard tosses a ball from hand to hand. It doesn’t help that it also looks like they are in an LSU-themed basement of sorts.

Of course, everyone’s favorite college football account got in on the action. The Sickos Committee does so much for CFB Twitter.

And, it didn’t stop there. @QBKlass, Derrick Klassen, also got a dig in at the football coach.

And the hits didn’t stop there, either. @BigNauts25 said, “Brian Kelly done lost his damn mind already at LSU.”

Trey Wingo host of the Half-Forgotten History podcast said, “Brian Kelly is soon to be seen wearing a straw hat with a corn cob pipe in his mouth.”

Then Gamblin’ Gauchos chimed in and ripped the coach for his dancing skills. “You can totally tell Brian Kelly has danced at least once in his life before this.”

Bayou Brian Kelly At It Again

Look, if there is anything we have learned from the first couple of weeks of the Brian Kelly LSU era, it is that Bayou Brian is here to stay. The coach is leaning into the Louisiana lifestyle and even changing up his speech a bit.

No matter what his critics are saying coach Kelly looks like he is having a good time. We will see if he can turn his enthusiasm for the new job into success on the field. Only time will tell.