Brittany Brees Reveals Slew of Injuries Husband Drew Sustained in Latest Instagram Post

by Suzanne Halliburton

The wife of Drew Brees listed all of the injuries her husband sustained this season and joked that maybe she shouldn’t have taken an epidural before the birth of any of the couple’s four children.

In a post on social media, Brittany Brees said her husband suffered a torn rotator cuff, 11 broken ribs, a torn fascia in his foot and a collapsed lung. The Saints had announced most of those injuries. The specifics of a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder were new. So was a torn fascia. That’s the connective tissue in your foot, right underneath the skin. The Saints said Brees suffered some foot and shoulder injuries on weekly updates, but didn’t provide details.

Now, consider how painful the injuries are to a man like Drew Brees who turned 42 earlier this month and has played in the NFL for two decades. I think we all need to pop some anti-inflammatories and ice something about now.

Drew Brees Still Hasn’t Announced Whether He’s Retiring

We’re not sure if Drew Brees, the longtime quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, threw his final pass in a home playoff loss to Tampa Bay last Sunday. Brees’ goal was to lead the Saints to another Super Bowl. Instead, it’ll be the Bucs, with quarterback Tom Brady, traveling to Wisconsin to take on Green Bay and quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the NFC title.

Brittany Brees has a private Instagram account. But according to the screenshot, posted by a Pittsburgh radio host, Brittany Brees said of her husband Drew Brees: “after crying for a few days … I am so grateful for this year. Your 20th in the NFL, my love. This has been the hardest year of our lives, yet in some ways, one of the best. This year has shaped us and strengthened us. It has shown us what is truly important and what is not. I am so proud of you and the man you are.”

Brittany Brees then listed the injuries to Drew Brees. She said of her husband “yet you did not complain once… Makes me think I should not have taken the epidural while giving birth to our kids! This is definitely not how I prayed this year would end and to say my heart is broken for you is an understatement, but God’s plans are always better. Your children have watched you handle it all with integrity, grace and an amazing work ethic. We r so proud of you.”