Brittany Mahomes Calls Out Kansas City Publication for Opinion Piece Ripping Patrick Mahomes

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Not all is great apparently in Kansas City for their star QB. Brittany Mahomes was quick to defend her NFL husband on Twitter. A local publication put out an opinion piece on Patrick Mahomes for his general attitude as a leader of the Chiefs. Brittany did not like that.

The opinion piece titled “The Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes always keeps his eye out for himself” did not go over well with the QB’s wife. In fact, the opening line to the whole piece was like a dagger aimed right at No. 15.

“After watching the Kansas City Chiefs for the past two years, I think it is clear that Patrick Mahomes is not a team player. He doesn’t care if his team wins or loses. All he cares about is how he looks,” the piece reads.

Brittany Mahomes Tweets at Kansas City Publication

Brittany Mahomes replied in a quote tweet saying, “Y’all are extremely ignorant for this. Kansas City doesn’t do this to it’s [sic] people, what a joke you guys are.”

The short opinion piece wasn’t long and looks like submission from a fan in Illinois. It went on to finish “It’s beginning to look very obvious. He’s a good quarterback but really doesn’t care about his team as a whole.”

Chiefs Dropped One Last Week

Last week the Chiefs did take an embarrassing loss to a Colts team that didn’t really have any business competing with them. Still, it’s the NFL, everybody is a pro. But don’t let Brittany Mahomes hear you talk bad about the quarterback!

Perhaps this will be a week where Mahomes can show to the fans, even the naysayers in Illinois, that he is a team player. I’m not sure exactly what that means but for the former Super Bowl champion, he’ll have something up his sleeve. He usually does.

Kansas City is set to travel to Tampa Bay this weekend to face Tom Brady and the Bucs. These two teams have faced off in some great games in the past. Let’s see if we can get another electrifying performance out of the GOAT and the star of the new generation. After that letdown last week in Indy, Kansas City will hope to have a good performance this week.