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Brittany Mahomes Calls Out Wild Bengals Flop During Chiefs Game

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

If the Kansas City Chiefs are playing an NFL game and Brittany Mahomes is around to see her husband, then she’s coming with the fire. In this case, Brittany is wondering if this type of flop should be allowed in pro football. It happens, Brittany! Still, she was calling out a Cincinnati Bengals player who “pulled up” with a cramp.

As you can tell in the tweet, Brittany asks the question if this is allowed in football. On the surface, a flop of this nature is considered egregious. We don’t think that players would want to let their teammates down. Maybe the player needed a timeout. Maybe he had a serious issue come up and just collapsed to the turf.

Brittany Mahomes Isn’t The First Fan To Call Out Another Team’s Flop

Do we really know what was going on in this player’s head? Nope, we sure don’t. What does look like is happening is the Bengals are trying to get some players substituted on the field. The Chiefs, with Patrick Mahomes at quarterback, were looking to get ready to run a play. Well, with the “hurt” player down on the field, training staff members of the Bengals ran out there to check on him. We see in this clip at the end that the player was led off of the field by those training staff workers.

We’re probably sure that there were some Chiefs fans wondering the same thing that Brittany was. Is that allowed? Well, it did happen. Players do come down with cramps at times. Based on a quick look at this video, it does appear that the player took advantage of the situation. Again, players do this a lot. Is it frowned upon in the NFL? A lot of people probably do. We also should make this clear. Brittany Mahomes is not the first fan to call out another team’s flop. And there’s no doubt that the player flopped big-time on the field.

Fans love to call out other teams when they see things that don’t look right. It’s a tradition as old as the coin flip. Well, maybe an older tradition indeed. Brittany always is proud of her husband and the play of the Kansas City Chiefs. On this given Sunday, though, the Chiefs came up short as the Bengals, behind Joe Burrow, won 27-24. We don’t think that the flop actually had a role in the final score.