Brittany Mahomes Drops ‘Fire’ Photos During Chiefs SNF Game, Internet Has Words

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

While the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans on NFL Sunday Night Football, Brittany Mahomes was in attendance. Donned in black with boots to match and a long red overcoat, she took some pictures from the tunnel and sideline. Fans, as usual, were ready to sound off on just about anything related to the pictures.

When you look at a Brittany Mahomes post, you will find a lot of interesting replies. There are fashion experts, Monday morning quarterbacks, the standard trolls and haters, and of course, a lot of fans with kind words. Being the wife of an NFL quarterback can put you in the spotlight at times. She seems to embrace it without much hesitation.

With all those eyes on her at all times, Mahomes keeps doing her. She’s going to be at the games, she’s going to take pictures and videos, and do what anyone else would do in her position.

Folks just couldn’t wait to start replying to this post.

Brittany Mahomes Invokes Every Kind of Response

If you thought I was joking about how many different types of replies are in any given Brittany Mahomes tweet, well, I’m about to show you I wasn’t. This tweet might be the perfect example. That might be because it comes after an overtime win against the Titans. Sports fans will never be weirder than after their team loses or wins a close game.

“Just stop – please,” one user wrote. “Hire a stylist.” This reply is great because you see the first part and think to yourself, “now this could get bad.” And then it’s a comment on her fashion choices. Imagine. It’s far from the worst thing someone said below the tweet.

“Brittany give the offensive and defensive line a talking to for me,” another fan wrote. When you have lost all hope, ask the QB’s wife to rally the troops.

For the most part, people were keeping it normal. Let’s just all agree to never click the “see more replies” tab under Brittany Mahomes’ tweets. It’s not worth it. Instead, look at the wholesome picture of the little boy dressed as Patrick Mahomes this past Halloween.

“He loves your family so much,” the tweeter says in the reply. “I’m making his dream come true.”

That’s what football is all about, folks. And using the sideline like your own personal catwalk. That too.