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Brittany Mahomes Fans React to Her ‘Breastfeeding’ and ‘Online Shopping’ Post

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

As usual, Brittany Mahomes is on social media and riling up both fans and haters alike as she talks about breastfeeding while shopping online. This might end up being the new biggest thing among mothers that are also NFL fans now. When you have all those motherly duties to get to but also have to get those last few things for Christmas, what else are you gonna do?

If the baby is going to keep you awake at all hours of the night, you might as well find something productive to do. For Brittany Mahomes that comes in the form of feeding newborn baby Bronze and hitting up Amazon. The only problem is, it’s starting to become an addiction.

“Fill a cart and wait before checking out a bit…double check yourself…sleep deprivation and shopping can be WTF experience for both you and UPS!” someone replied.

Like most of her posts, this one garnered a ton of attention. Followers are always happy to throw in their two bits of helpful advice. This isn’t Brittany’s first rodeo with a newborn, she has some experience. That won’t stop people from making comments, though.

Fans Chime in After Brittany Mahomes Reveals New ‘Addiction’

Her online shopping addiction with baby Bronze in tow could put a little dent in that massive contract that Patrik signed…who are we kidding, they won’t notice it’s gone. One fan thought that they would try and give some helpful financial advice, though.

“Have fun paying insane shipping fees. Even Amazon can’t get stuff here before Christmas already! It’s madness!” they replied.

There is one great thing about shopping late into the night – you don’t really remember what you bought. Getting those boxes at the door in a couple of days, and it is just as much a surprise for you as it is for the person you bought it for.

“Well just think of all these late nights shopping, it’ll be a surprise for you too what you bought for everyone included the new little peanut that you just had I bet he’s adorable cuz everyone knows Sterling is just as cute as a button, happy deprived sleep shopping,” another follower chimed in.

What do you think Patrick is getting for Christmas? I think home-field advantage in the playoffs will do just fine. I’m sure we’ll see all the little things that Sterling and Bronze get. Since Brittany Mahomes posts everything.