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Brittany Mahomes’ Post About the Pro Bowl Gets All of Her Followers Talking

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Brittany Mahomes took to Twitter today to share her favorite Pro Bowl candidate. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she chose her husband, Pat Mahomes.

“#ProBowlVote @PatrickMahomes,” she wrote in the tweet, along with a string of emojis.

If Patrick Mahomes were selected to the upcoming program, it would mark his fifth Pro Bowl selection. The young star quarterback has already been to the Pro Bowl four times in his short career, all since 2018. Mahomes continues performing at a stellar rate throughout the 2022 season.

His Kansas City Chiefs currently lead their division with a 10-3 record, and with the 1-10-1 Houston Texans on tap next week, it’s hard to think Mahomes won’t notch another victory this weekend.

Mahomes has also thrown for a cool 4,160 yards and 33 touchdowns through thirteen games, a remarkable number from an even more remarkable player.

Fans had all types of reactions to Brittany Mahomes’ tweet, as is normally the case. She seems to be a highly-polarizing figure among NFL fans, who either lambast her online or ardently come to her defense.

Some fans rushed to reply with messages supporting Brittany’s tweet and the idea of Mahomes being a Pro Bowler.

“That’s a given!!! GREATNESS!!!!” one account tweeted.

However, others took the opportunity to question her tweet and the sentiment behind it.

Fans Tease Brittany Mahomes About Pro Bowl Tweet Since Super Bowl Teams Don’t Play in Pro Bowl

“Travis Kelce???” one person wrote, asking about the seven-time Pro Bowler who also serves as Mahomes’ favorite and most reliable target.

Another person responded to that tweet, throwing shade at Brittany Mahomes in the process. “She only supports Patrick it’s gross. You could at least try and be a team player Brit, Patrick would probably appreciate it.”

“The only way Patrick Mahomes doesn’t make the pro bowl is if he’s playing in the Super Bowl.”

“He’ll be busy that weekend but so thoughtful of you,” one person wrote, referencing the fact that the Pro Bowl occurs at the point of the postseason where only two teams remain. If a player makes the Pro Bowl and plays in the game, it means they’re not on one of two teams competing for a Super Bowl.

“Because he won’t be playing in the Super Bowl,” another chimed in with the same idea. Others commented similar messages.

However, some people thought another AFC quarterback was more deserving than Brittany’s beau. “Not Josh Allen?” one wrote.

Brittany Mahomes seems to be enjoying the holiday season with her two children. A few days ago, she revealed what the Mahomes family Christmas card would look like. “Our Christmas card photo will consist of sterling eating her snacks, oops,” she wrote in a tweet with over 3,000 likes.