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Brittany Mahomes Provides Hilarious Update on How Motherhood Is Going

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

It sounds like things might be getting a little stressful in the Mahomes household with two little ones keeping Brittany and Patrick busy. But it also sounds like there’s plenty of love to go around … even if there’s not a lot of sleep happening.

Brittany provided an update on how life is going now as a mother of two. Last month, the family welcomed baby “Bronze” into the world, joining big sister, Sterling. Maybe it’s not the easiest thing in the world, but clearly, Brittany is loving every second of it.

“Crazy how a little human can keep you up at night, but you still wake up every morning loving that little human to death,” she wrote on Twitter. Then she added a not-so-fun detail in a follow-up tweet.

That’s probably a feeling which most parents can relate. Even though raising children is no easy task, it’s the most rewarding.

‘Chaos’ in The Mahomes Household?

Nobody said raising two children would be easy. Apparently, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes are finding out just a tough it can be, particularly when it comes to naptime.

There seemed to be a little trouble when it came time for Sterling and “Bronze” to get a little shuteye. As in, neither one had much interest in taking a snooze.

“Today is my first day of chaos since having 2 kids,” Brittany wrote, “both screaming, both not wanting to nap.”

Fortunately, Brittany has a pretty sizable social media following. Plenty of other parents offered their support to the new mother of two.

“Some days are hard,” one Twitter user wrote. “Go easy on yourself. Everyone is getting used to their new worlds. I hope one day you hear them both giggling together in the back seat. That giggling was my favorite part.”

“Don’t worry, it gets way easier……… ……… like when they graduate and move out,” another wrote. “Enjoy the ride, it’ll go faster than you think.”