Brittany Mahomes Rants After Her Pizza Never Shows Up During Chiefs Game

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Josh Hedges/Getty Images)

While her husband Patrick Mahomes was having a good night on the field, Brittany Mahomes was having a bad night back at the family’s compound in Kansas City.

With Patrick and the Kansas City Chiefs (8-2) playing on “Sunday Night Football” against the Los Angeles Chargers (5-5), all Brittany wanted to do was kick back and eat some pizza while watching her husband. Through no fault of her own, Brittany’s plan went up in smoke. Sure, she got to watch Patrick and the Chiefs do their thing, but she did it pizza-less.

Brittany described her pizza fiasco on Twitter, revealing that it never showed up to her door.

“I ordered a pizza an hour & a half ago, still ain’t got it,” she tweeted. “KC we all eating pizza tonight or what?”

She later went onto tweet “Y’all don’t wanna know my pizza story tonight.” But after former MLB pitcher LaTroy Hawkins said he in fact did, she went in-depth on why she didn’t get her pizza.

“Well we went up to the store to ask about it, no one came up, they were all in the back eating,” she wrote. “Then they finally came up & said that it was already out the door being delivered…. 2 hours later…they just cancelled the order. Just trying to eat pizza & watch football.”

Patrick Mahomes Makes Absurd Throw on SNF as Brittany Mahomes Watches Without Pizza

Though she did it without Pizza in her hand, Brittany — like all of us — witnessed one of the wildest throws you’ll ever see. Of course it came from the arm of Patrick, arguably the game’s best quarterback. In what looked to be a covered receiver downfield, Mahomes found the tightest of windows and threaded one into the hands of tight end Jody Fortson for a 40-yard gain.

The completion set up a 1st and goal opportunity for the Chiefs, who did not waste time. On the very next play, Mahomes hit tight end Travis Kelce for a four-yard score to give Kansas City a 13-10 lead in the second quarter. The Chiefs battled throughout the second half to defeat the Chiefs, 30-27.