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Brittany Mahomes Sounds Off on College Football’s Dr. Pepper Challenge

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Brittany Mahomes, wife of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is speaking out on Twitter after controversy sparked during the Dr. Pepper Challenge at the SEC Championship game on Saturday. Social media ignited in a frenzy during the game as college football fans were fed up with a double-tie followed by an unaired tie-breaker during the challenge. Mahomes, however, is taking issue with another controversial issue.

“I’m tired of the boys winning this Dr. Pepper tuition challenge,” the football star’s wife ranted on social media.

Brittany Mahomes post saw support from some fans. Others pointed out that the Dr. Pepper Challenge that took place during half-time at the Georgia Bulldogs/LSU Tigers game featured two different women.

“Must have been watching the big 12 championship game tcu vs kstate,” one of her followers guessed. “It was a boy vs girl.”

Another follower added, “Oh my gosh my son and I had this same discussion! We root for the girls every time!!”

Others, however, pointed out that the Dr. Pepper Challenge at the Georgia Bulldogs/LSU Tigers featured two female college students. One was a Baylor University student named Reagan. The second competitor in this particular Dr. Pepper Challenge was a University of St. Augustine student named Kayla. They fired back at Brittany Mahomes after both women were (later) awarded the prize.

“Bruh two girls just played for it in the lsu game,” one Twitter user argued. Another added, “At the SEC game, two women won. They tied.”

Controversy Sparks Following Multiple Ties During Dr. Pepper Challenge

A day after college students competed for Dr. Pepper’s tuition money—and as football fans continue to weigh in on Brittany Mahomes’ post—others were frustrated by the multiple ties during Saturday’s challenge. They then began to complain about what many deemed an unfair tiebreaker.

During the game Saturday, Kayla and Reagan ended two rounds of the Dr. Pepper Challenge in a tie. It was later revealed after multiple draws that the challenge officials had declared the Baylor student the winner. However, the tie breaker did not air on TV and that’s, for the most part, why fans are pissed.

“Is anybody watching this Dr. Pepper bullsh*t in the middle of the LSU Georgia game where they clearly tied twice and they randomly picked one of them to win $100,000 and the other gets nothing,” one fan complained.

“That girl got ROBBED in the Dr. Pepper challenge,” another person added. “RIGGED.”

Fans actually attending the game were also frustrated with the results of the Dr. Pepper Challenge, with boos ringing out across the stadium. After creating major controversy both at the game and across Twitter, Dr. Pepper eventually decided to award both girls the tuition money, with both the Baylor and St. Augustine student taking him $100K.