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Brittany Mahomes’ Take on College Football’s Dr. Pepper Challenge Has Twitter Weighing in

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Verizon)

The Dr. Pepper Challenge drew loads of backlash from football fans after airing during the SEC Championship halftime on Saturday. However, while the majority of football fans had their attention turned to the challenge at the Georgia Bulldogs/LSU Tigers game, Brittany Mahomes, mother of two and wife of NFL star Patrick Mahomes, ignited an online scuffle of her own sharing a potentially controversial tweet. Her post, which went viral Saturday night, saw tons of feedback from followers.

“I’m tired of the boys winning this Dr. Pepper tuition challenge,” the 27-year-old fitness trainer complained. Her post drew tons of attention at the controversial Dr. Pepper match-up at the LSU/Georgia game featured two women.

“Girl won during the SEC championship game !!” one fan pointed out. Another affirmed, writing, “A young lady from Baylor won at the SEC Championship.”

Other Brittany Mahomes followers took issue with her post while some began to suggest solutions to making Dr. Pepper’s tuition challenge more female-inclusive.

“Couldn’t just be happy that a large company gives back to fans and not claim it’s unfair when it is a young professional getting the opportunity to further their education,” one of Brittany Mahomes’ followers complained. “Should they take that away from the winner?”

Another wrote, “Do something about it mrs Mahomes make one just for women.”

A third Twitter user suggested the same thing, writing, “#BrittanyMahomesScholarship, problem solved.”

Football Fans Ticked After Dr. Pepper Challenge ‘Tie Breaker’

As some fans pointed out following Brittany Mahomes’s tweet, two women partook in the Dr. Pepper Challenge at the LSU/Georgia game on Saturday. So while it was refreshing for some fans to see two women competing for Dr. Pepper’s tuition prize, others were ticked that two ties ended with an un-aired tie-breaker, giving one woman what some believed was an unfair win.

The challenge took place between a woman from Baylor University and another from St. Augustine University. When the challenge first ended in a tie, the players progressed to round two. When round two ended in another tie, officials revealed the St. Augustine student won thanks to a tie-breaker that had been determined the day prior.

Fans at both the game and online lit up social media in frustration.

“‘Because she won the tie-breaker challenge yesterday,'” one viewer wrote on Twitter, dumbfounded. “BOOOOOOOOOOO…We didn’t know anything about a tie-breaker challenge!! PLAY IT OUT!!!”

North Carolina House Representative Terry Brown also offered his input on the challenge. He said, “There needs to be an immediate inquiry into the Dr Pepper fan toss rules and I don’t trust the Fansville jurisdiction to conduct the investigation.”

After seeing tons of backlash on social media, fans later learned that Dr. Pepper awarded both women the tuition money, negating arguments by Brittany Mahomes.