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Brittany Matthews Hilariously Reveals What ‘Gets the Best’ of Her While ‘Up at Night Feeding Baby Girl’

by Suzanne Halliburton
(Photo by James Devaney/Getty Images)

Brittany Matthews is up every night with her new baby girl, Sterling Skye. She and fiance Patrick Mahomes are the proud parents of their daughter, who was born on Feb. 20.

And one thing helps her get through the stress of young motherhood. Online shopping. Actually, it sounds like online shopping may be adding to the stress.

Brittany Matthews tweeted: “Amazon really gets the best of me when I’m up at night feeding baby girl.”

We’re sure she can afford her online shopping bills. After all, Brittany Matthews owns her fitness business. And, her husband-to-be Patrick Mahomes signed a 10-year-deal worth $503 million. On paper, that’s the largest contract in sports history.

Brittany Matthews Is Sharing All Sorts Of Details About Motherhood

Brittany Matthews is sharing her motherhood experience on social media. She’s already claimed she “Can’t. Stop. Ordering. Baby Clothes and pajamas.” Yep, we get that.

Earlier this week, Matthews tweeted about naps. She likely grabs a nap when baby Sterling is sleeping. That’s a general rule of thumb for new mothers. Plus, Mahomes doesn’t have the daily grind of football to keep him away from the family. It’s the off-season and teams are gearing up for next month’s NFL draft. Players are working out to stay in shape, but this is the slow season.

So far, the couple isn’t sharing photos of their new little girl. Brittany Matthews posted about that, too.

“We will share photos of her when we feel the time is right. I know the Internet will instantly take the photos of her and share everywhere so just preparing myself for my newborn baby girl to be shared to the world. Right now we are just soaking in every minute with her.”

Matthews did share more great news. She and Mahomes set a wedding date. The two Texans have been together since both were in high school. Matthews stayed close to home for college, playing soccer for University of Texas-Tyler. Mahomes was the star quarterback for Texas Tech, which was across the state.

Matthews posted on Instagram:

“It’s wedding planning time👰🏼‍♀️ We have a date & place wahoooooo🥂.” She used the hashtag 2022, so although she didn’t share the exact date, the wedding probably is next year.

Baby Sterling was born on Feb. 20, five days ahead of schedule. She weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces. The couple announced her birth the next day. Brittany was holding her baby. But the photo was a tight closeup showing newborn Sterling clutching her mother’s finger. You could see Brittany’s new necklace – a diamond script pendant that spelled her daughter’s name.