Brittany Matthews Posts Stunning Shot from Arizona Vacation, ‘We’ll Be Back’

by Will Shepard

New mom, Brittany Matthews, took a trip to Arizona recently for a well-deserved vacation. She and her superstar fiancé, Patrick Mahomes, gave birth to their first child this past February.

Even though their daughter is still incredibly young, she decided to take a break from Kansas City. So, naturally, Brittany Matthews decided to head for warmer weather in Arizona.

Along the way, Brittany Matthews decided to post a pair of pictures to her social media. She is partnered with the brand, Balance Athletica, and is sporting a unique outfit in her post. In the pictures, the backdrop looks amazing, and she is looking off into the distance away from the camera.

Brittany Matthews Is Back Modeling After Giving Birth Last Month

It is always impressive when women shed the pregnancy weight so soon after giving birth. Brittany Matthews, however, is still very active and clearly is working hard to get back to her pre-pregnancy fitness. She has been on a tear on Instagram recently, showing off how toned she already is after having Sterling.

Her posts to social media lately are all geared toward showing off the Balance Athletica brand. She partnered with the brand this past year. The deal she signed is an exclusive one, so she won’t be showing off any other clothes on her social media.

In general, the company matches up with her values and goals in life. So, it makes sense that Brittany Matthews would decide to partner with them.

“I found that my passion was in fitness and helping others…I strive to be a positive light and role model to all these people around the world. I define success as not how much money you make, but how much of a difference you’re making to people in the world.”

Nonetheless, Brittany Matthews’ vacation in Arizona has come to an end. In the caption to the post, she says that she will be coming back. It seems that she has really enjoyed their time in the Southern state.