Brittany Matthews Posts Sweet Photos with Message About Seeing Newborn Child’s Face for ‘First Time’

by Jon D. B.

Brittany Matthews is speaking to fans & followers on the birth of her first baby girl with the sweetest of words.

“When I thought I knew love,” Matthews begins in her post. “Then I saw your face for the first time…”

Her sweet words come as Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews welcome their first child. Their baby girl – Sterling Skye – is certainly set for a lifetime of love.

The couple announced her birth to social media followers Sunday, Feb. 21. Sterling Skye’s birth, however, took place the day prior on Saturday, Feb. 20, according to Brittany Matthews. Now, she’s giving her fans & followers on Instagram a peek into her heart as she spends her first days with tiny Sterling Skye.

“Motherhood is the most rewarding and beautiful thing ever. Enjoy every moment. It’s definitely a blessing you don’t want to take for granted. Congratulations!” one of her top followers, blessedone0101, responds.

It’s been an unbelievably eventful past year (to put it lightly) for Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes. The couple announced her pregnancy in September. Mahomes began chasing his second Super Bowl after both their pregnancy and engagement.

While Mahomes’ Super Bowl aspirations didn’t materialize, he’s now got more than any championship could ever grant.

Kansas City Celebrates Brittany Matthews & Patrick Mahomes’ First Born

Fittingly, congratulations are pouring in following the birth of Sterling Skye Mahomes. Most spectacularly, however, is the Union Station building in Kansas City. City officials have lit up the prestigious building in pink and white to celebrate the tiny one’s arrival.

“Congratulations Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes on the arrival of Sterling Skye Mahomes,” Union Station tweets to the couple. Within, they include video of their touching lights show. “With tonight’s pink and white lighting, Union Station and Science City wish you and your new family many happy years together here in KC.”

Brittany Matthews retweeted the loving display, stating “Y’all are just so sweet” amidst several emotional emojis. For more on Kansas City’s tribute, see their photo of the epic display of congratulations – alongside Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Brittany Matthews Shows Love to Kansas City Building That Lit Up Celebrating Birth of Their First Child next.