Brittany Matthews Shares Amazing Video of Workout Progression Leading Up To Sterling Skye’s Birth

by Charles Craighill

Last month, Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes delivered Sterling Skye Mahomes into the world. For the nine months of her pregnancy, Matthews continued to share her workout videos for her million followers on Instagram. Today, she shared an epic video montage of her doing the same exercise almost every day until the child’s birth.

“The most amazing journey, to bring the biggest blessing into our life,” Brittany Matthews said in her Instagram post. “Baby girl, we love you!”

Brittany Matthews, the fiancee of Patrick Mahomes, has been an exercise enthusiast for years now. Even during pregnancy, she continued to run her exercise classes and posting her workouts to Instagram for a million followers. However, now that Sterling Skye has entered the world, Matthews has been a bit preoccupied. Hopefully, she can find a babysitter and get back to her fitness goals.

Brittany Matthews Is Starting To Understand Parenthood

Since becoming a mother, Brittany Matthews has started to experience the first steps of parenthood. She has shared her hilarious first-time mother moments on her social media quite often in the past couple of weeks. For instance, she recently Tweeted a hilarious comment about taking naps. “Naps are something special nowadays,” she writes on Twitter. Well, naps are something special for everyone, not just mothers, but we feel her pain.

Another instance of Brittany Matthews gaining another motherhood experience happened when she and Patrick Mahomes shared a night out. Matthews took to social media to share her hilariously relatable story with Instagram followers. “Mom & Dad went somewhere last night & I just looked at photos of my baby girl & missed her the whole time,” she posted on Instagram.

While all parents run into these experiences with their first child, we wish Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews luck in raising a beautiful daughter. Whether she ends up signing with Texas A&M or blazing her own path, Brittany and Patrick will love and support her the whole way.