Brittany Matthews Slams Troll After Chiefs Super Bowl Loss: ‘Shame Women Can Be So Hateful To Other Women’

by Katie Maloney

Brittany Matthews isn’t putting up with any trolls after Chiefs Super Bowl loss.

The internet can be a very troll-filled place. And almost no one is immune to a troll’s trash talk. Not even fiancés of athletes who have nothing to do with whether a team wins or loses. Unfortunately, Brittney Matthews (fiancé of Chief’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes) learned that last night after the Chiefs 9-31 loss to the Buccaneers. Twitter trolls wasted no time in finding ways to pull Brittney into their upset with the team.

One woman wrote, “Mahomes got that girl pregnant and the ancestors immediately took away his powers. Smh.” And Brittney wasn’t having any of it. She immediately responded to the tweet following the Super Bowl game.

Brittney wrote, “That girl” with a laughing face emoji. “My name is Brittany. Maybe you have never been pregnant…and maybe one day you will be and you will realize what a blessing it is. And maybe also rethink your words girl. It’s a shame women can be so hateful to other women.”

Haven’t people learned not to mess with a pregnant woman?

Brittney Matthews Shares A Beautiful Message For Her Fiance After Super Bowl Loss

Brittney didn’t let any troll keep her down. Instead, she used the same platform she met the trash-talking trolls on to support her fiancé after a devastating Super Bowl loss. After the game, Brittney acknowledged that the game did not result in the win they were hoping for but she’s still proud of her fiancé. Brittney wrote, “Not how we wanted it to end, but 15 played his heart out and I’m always and forever proud of him in everything he does!”

Brittney then joked about how ready she is to meet the newest member of their family this year. She wrote, “Now let’s have a baby.”

In conclusion, Brittney Matthews isn’t taking any trash-talk on her Twitter from anyone. Save it for Reddit, trolls!