Brittany Matthews Reveals Stunning New Set of Pregnancy Pictures

by Evan Reier

Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes are counting down the days until the birth of their first child with another round of gorgeous pics.

The young couple announced their pregnancy back in September of 2020, and are currently on track for a April due date. Mahomes and Matthews have also announced the gender of their child, which is going to be a girl.

On Saturday February 20, Matthews took to Instagram to show off more new photos.

Matthews captions the post:

“Ready to meet you baby girl 💕”

With her hair elegantly done and flowing down either side of her face, Matthews looks incredible. She’s wearing a flowing maternity dress that not only matches the scene, but seemingly flows outward and outward into the decor.

While every couple’s relationship feels eventful, Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes partnership is especially so.

After dating through high school, the pair went to college to play their respective sports, football and soccer. While Matthews was a successful player and now an owner of a pro women’s team, Mahomes career accelerated at a rapid pace.

After showing immense potential at Texas Tech, the Kansas City Chiefs drafted Mahomes in the first round. The move proved to be a franchise-changing decision, leading to a win at Super Bowl LIV. Now, Mahomes and Matthews are settled in Kansas City with a bright future ahead of them.

Patrick Mahomes on Excitement to Become Parents with Brittany Matthews

Unfortunately for Mahomes, he wasn’t able to repeat his Super Bowl success. But in a post-game interview, not being able to replicate the win is not his focus. Instead, Mahomes is keeping positive as he awaits his daughter’s arrival.

“Hopefully [Brittany] gets all the way to her due date, but I mean really, anytime, I could be having a baby girl and I’m super excited about that,” said Mahomes. “It’s gonna be something special, and I’m excited for the journey of trying to find ways to better myself and become the best dad that I can be.”