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Brittney Griner’s Plans Upon Return to the U.S. Revealed

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by EVGENIA NOVOZHENINA/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

The great news that Brittney Griner has been released from Russian custody was met with a lot of relief. The WNBA star will land in San Antonio. There, Griner will receive medical care and be reunited with her family. Her wife Cherrelle, as well as her parents, will be there to meet her.

Through a series of negotiations, the United States and Russia came to an agreement to swap Brittney Griner for international arms dealer Viktor Bout. U.S. officials as well as the WNBA confirmed Griner’s release on Thursday.

Of course, given the circumstances, Griner will be given lots of room to process, heal, and deal with what she went through however she needs. The WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert said as much in a statement today.

“We’re going to give her the appropriate space and time for that and then follow what Brittney and her family want to do about re-engaging with the WNBA,” via PEOPLE.

President Joe Biden reportedly approved of the swap last Thursday. Arrangements were made for the swap to take place in the United Arab Emirates. Brittney Griner and Viktor Bout crossed paths on a tarmac as they were exchanged.

Griner was imprisoned for almost ten months in total. She was detained and arrested in February where she awaited conviction. In August she was convicted and given a nine-year prison sentence at a penal colony. There was an outpouring from fans, fellow athletes, and others throughout her detention.

President Biden Speaks Following Brittney Griner’s Release

After the news broke, President Biden released a statement on Brittney Griner. Throughout the process, he has been a proponent of getting the WNBA star home. He was with Griner’s wife Cherelle when they got the call that she was on the plane home.

“Moments ago, standing together with her wife Cherelle in the oval office, I spoke with Brittney Griner,” Biden said. “She’s safe, she’s on a plane, she’s on her way home.

“After months of being unjustly detained in Russia, held under intolerable circumstances, Brittney will soon be back in the arms of her loved ones. She should’ve been there all along.”

Let’s hope that Brittney Griner gets all the help and support she needs in San Antonio and beyond.