LOOK: Brittney Griner Takes Stand, Testifies in Russian Court

by Patrick Norton

Brittney Griner took to the stand on Wednesday in Russia. Testifying on her own behalf about the marijuana possession trial that has rocked the world, Griner has spent 160 days in Russian captivity. As the trial roars on, all eyes sit upon Griner’s defense team.

Video shows Brittney Griner entering the courthouse with four armed guards in front and at least two behind the WNBA star. In her testimony, the 31-year-old claimed Russian authorities didn’t read Griner her rights, nor was a translator provided. Griner then said once a translator did arrive, the athlete signed various papers without understanding.

Russian authorities detained Griner on February 17 for possession of illegal substances. Her luggage contained 17 vape cartridges with hashish oil, a banned product in the country. Griner pleaded guilty earlier in July, but made it known she was unaware of the law and had zero adverse intentions. Her defense team has also argued that the oil is a prescription for chronic ailments.

A Call to Action On Behalf of Brittney Griner

Over 150 days later, US officials and celebrities continue to call for her release, calling her a political pawn in a waged war against America. NBA legend and future LIV Golf pro Charles Barkley spoke on the matter in a recent interview with People.

He said, “It’s a really sad and unfortunate situation. I mean, to have this young woman in jail for months and months and months over some silly couple ounces of hashish oil, it’s just really sad. We hope [Griner] comes home soon.”

Barkley’s comments puts the superstar in line with other celebrities like Joe Rogan in recently voicing support for the captured athlete. Just last week the United States Senate issued a bipartisan resolution calling for the release and safe return of Griner to her home country.

The resolution states, “The Russian government unjustly detained Brittney and we will keep working with the administration to ensure her safe and swift return.” However, US President Joe Biden has proven unsuccessful in his efforts to secure safe passage for the WNBA star.