Brittney Griner’s Location for Nine-Year Prison Sentence Revealed

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

WNBA star Brittney Griner has been moved to a Russian penal colony and has started serving her nine-year sentence. Officials now know where that labor camp is, revealing the location of the basketball player for the foreseeable future. Griner was arrested in February for drug possession after being found with hashish oil.

While U.S. officials continue to work on a plan for Brittney Griner’s release, the information on her location has come out. Russian officials have moved Griner to a penal colony in Mordovia. That is about 210 miles out from Moscow.

According to the AP, Griner met with her legal representation earlier this week. They have commented on the new developments as well.

“Brittney is doing as well as could be expected and trying to stay strong as she adapts to a new environment,” attorneys said in a statement.

As her detention has prolonged, officials in the United States are blaming Russia for using the WNBA player as a political pawn. Intelligence officials from the United States and Russia recently met in Turkey to talk. Among the topics were Ukraine, nuclear weapons, and detained Americans like Brittney Griner.

Brittney Griner’s Location Was Secret For Two Weeks

When Russian law enforcement moved Brittney Griner to the labor camp she would serve her sentence, they intended to keep it secret. With how important that information is, it is no wonder that it has already been found out.

According to an earlier report, Griner was taken to the penal colony two weeks ago. That means for half a month her location was unknown to the public, at least. The White House might have had information on her whereabouts earlier than today, but that is just speculation.

Vedant Patel, deputy spokesperson for the U.S. State Department gave the media all the information they had before the latest report about her location.

“We are aware of the reports of her location and in frequent contact with Ms. Griner’s legal team, but the Russian Federation has still failed to provide any official notification for such a move of a U.S. citizen, which we strongly protest and disagree with.”