Broncos QB Russell Wilson Ignites Twitter With Bizarre Post, Gets Roasted

by Patrick Norton

Russell Wilson’s theatrics live in a world separate from the one we live in. Between the quarterback’s awkward backstage testimonial, exclaiming multiple variations of “let’s ride”, and posting online his wish to boast the nickname “Mr. Unlimited”, we expect the unexpected now.

However, the old dog is up to a new trick, using emojis to elicit a raucous response on Twitter. With a week until the Denver Broncos’ veterans arrive for training camp, the quarterback is calling his shot.

Russell Wilson is notoriously likable and charitable. But that doesn’t mean he’s immune to being the butt of a joke. Wilson’s intense on-field demeanor doesn’t always match his easygoing personality. And his admirable work ethic creates an inspiration legacy to strive after. The quarterback’s play always brings a level of “dialed in”. But the 33-year-old is certainly capable of taking a joke.

The NFL‘s official Twitter page responded to Wilson, mocking the comical behind-the-scenes footage from earlier in the offseason:

The trend is nothing new. However, Wilson’s frequent corny sayings take the cake. Television icon and America’s Game Show Dad Steve Harvey used the formula last week to promote positive message:

Unlike Harvey, others used the Wilson tweet to scratch a creative itch, searching the basic emoticons on their phone’s keyboard.

Furthermore, what’s the point of comedy without using some favorable callbacks?

Russell Wilson Provides Plenty of Laughter, Even Unintentionally

Broncos Country, let’s ride. Cringeworthy is an applicable descriptor. However, I prefer “wholesome”. Football fans know a lot about Russell Wilson, and certainly enjoy sharing opinions. But one unquestionable factor is his devotion to life, his family and his football team.

Wilson’s unhappiness in Seattle – forcing his way to Denver – still shocks the NFL world. But Wilson’s persona isn’t a character. Unapologetically positive, corny and inspiring, Russell Wilson’s success in football transcends the game.