Broncos’ Von Miller’s Ex-Fiancé Releases Disturbing Texts He Allegedly Sent While She Was Pregnant

by Matthew Wilson

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is in the hot seat after a series of texts he allegedly sent his ex-fiance Megan Denise while she was pregnant. If true, it’s not a good look for the NFL athlete.

On Instagram, Denise shared a series of texts in which Miller allegedly prayed that Denise would have a miscarriage. The text messages, if true, offer an inside look into a toxic relationship. Both Miller and Denise have had an on and off-again relationship over the past few years. But based on Denise’s Instagram stories, the couple may be done for good.

Miller Allegedly Wished His Ex-Fiancé Would Have a Miscarriage

In the alleged texts, Miller writes, “Praying for a miscarriage” with a praying hands emoji. He also goes into a rant in which he writes, “f–king disappear!!! and get an abortion.”

Additionally, the text messages include a long list of texts in which Miller calls Denise a “f–king liar” and says “I should’ve left your dog a– in the streets.” Finally, in a calmer moment, Miller tries to initiate a hookup with Denise. He writes that the two can hook up and stop fighting or keep arguing.

In the Instagram stories, Denise captions the texts with “Since Y’all Want to Know. Here’s Y’all’s MVP” and “Tired of protecting you. This is who you are. Cut it out kid.”

Von Miller Denies the Texts

Von Miller responded to the news on his Instagram stories. He denied sending the texts and also claims Denise doctored them to create controversy for him. Miller wrote, “Fake News. Lol. The reality of somebody leaving you make people literally crazy. Classic Trap.”

Miller has been a mainstay with the Broncos since the team drafted him back in 2011. Since then, Miller has been an eight-time Pro Bowl selection and was named the NFL’s MVP in 2015. Neither the Broncos nor the NFL has responded to the alleged texts or Miller’s bout of personal drama.