Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy Brutally Roasts Shannon Sharpe in Response to Criticism

by Dustin Schutte
Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Throw shade at Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy and he’s going to put you on blast. NFL legend and current sports commentator Shannon Sharpe learned that lesson this weekend.

Jeudy struggled during Sunday Night Football as the Broncos battled the San Francisco 49ers in Week 3. The receiver was targeted six times but only caught two passes for 17 yards. His inconsistency in the game sparked some outrage from Sharpe, who took to Twitter.

“Jeudy does all this route running in the off season and can’t catch a F—– pass,” Sharpe wrote on Twitter.

Well, Jeudy wasn’t about to let that slide. After the Broncos pulled out an 11-10 win over the 49ers Sunday night, the receiver brutally roasted the former NFL tight end with a tweet of his own.

Below is the message Jeudy fired off at Sharpe, which has since been deleted. After reading it, you might understand why the receiver decided to take it down (via TMZ Sports):

Jeudy fired off another tweet, but the second wasn’t nearly as insulting.

“Lmao ima be the bigger man and let him have that lol good win today doe #GoBroncoz,” he wrote.

Sharpe has never been afraid to speak his mind. But Jeudy wouldn’t let the sports talk show personality own him quite that easily. It’ll be interesting to see if Sharpe continues to put the receiver on blast the rest of the season or if he refrains from putting his opinions on Twitter (which he absolutely won’t).

More Funny Moments from 49ers-Broncos

The product on the field during Sunday Night Football wasn’t particularly good, with both the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos struggling offensively. But the game did provide us with some funny moments.

Not only did we get the back-and-forth between Jerry Jeudy and Shannon Sharpe, we also saw Dan Orlovsky channel is inner William Wallace.

With the 49ers backed up against the goal line, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo momentarily forgot where he was and stepped out of the back of the endzone before throwing the football. The result was a costly safety.

Orlovsky endured a similar brain lapse during the 2008 season when he played for the Detroit Lions. Finally, the burden of one of the most embarrassing plays in NFL history was lifted off his shoulders. And because of it, Orlovsky had an epic tweet.

So, yes, even though the football wasn’t great, NFL fans still got plenty of entertainment from the 49ers-Broncos game.