Browns’ Myles Garrett Arrives to MNF in Insane ‘Stranger Things’ Vecna Halloween Costume

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns (2-5) are in the Halloween spirit ahead of their “Monday Night Football” collision with the Cincinnati Bengals (4-3).

And in case you didn’t pick up on it last Halloween — when he decorated his front lawn as a quarterback graveyard — defensive end Myles Garrett is a fan of the spooky. This year, he took it a step further, outing himself as perhaps the biggest “Stranger Things” fan. For those familiar with Vecna from the Netflix series, Garrett resembles the villain in just about every way as he makes his way into FirstEnergy Stadium.

Garrett recently showed off his yard for this Halloween, in which the three-time Pro Bowler went with a “Stranger Things” theme, including a skeleton of former teammate Baker Mayfield tied to a tree.

Not to be outdone, receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones came in with the cleanest look of ’em all. Peoples-Jones opted to go slightly less on the spooky-side, dressing up as Zachary Taylor of the “Power Rangers” universe.

Peoples-Jones certainly hopes some of that “Power Ranger” magic will bleed over into his game against the fourth-stingiest team against the pass this season in Cincinnati.

Browns Looking Their Scariest on Halloween

Whereas Garret’s fit was spooky, cornerback Greg Newsome II’s is downright scary. Like, don’t look if you fear having nightmares later on. While not quite as intense as Pennywise, Newsome II’s clown costume does enough in its own right to make you turn away.

Nobody, however, topped what Eli Manning brought to the table this Halloween. The two-time Super Bowl champion decided to dress up as his alter-ego — Chad Powers.

And it’s fantastic.

Manning previously dressed up as Chad Powers attempting to walk-onto Penn State’s football team. The ESPN “Eli’s Places” skit has gone mainstream, with t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise being sold with his image, or his popular catchphrase, “think fast, run fast.”