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Bryan Cranston Slams Astros with ‘Hall of Infamy’ World Series Message

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Actor Bryan Cranston made it abundantly clear which team he is supporting in the World Series this year. In fact, he did more than just show his support for one of the teams. He also slammed the other in his recent social media message.

As most sports fans are aware, this year’s Fall Classic is being battled out by the Atlanta Braves of the National League and the Houston Astros of the American League. Turns out, the team the “Breaking Bad” star is not a team he usually supports. He grew up as a fan of a team that is not in the World Series this year.

“I’ve got some thoughts to share on this eve of the World Series. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, so I’ve loved the @Dodgers all my life. By extension, I’ve hated the rival @SFGiants and their success against us, but I’ve never disrespected them,” Bryan Cranston began his recent Instagram post.

Next, the 65-year-old Emmy winner described which team he is rooting against this year. He also explained why he is absolutely not a fan of this franchise. His reason why involves a famous sign-stealing scandal from a few years ago.

“That’s not the case with the @Astros,” Cranston said referring to his lack of respect for the Houston team. “They have been exposed as cheaters. Not in a good-ol’-fashion baseball way, but in a ‘calculated, devious use of technology and a trash can’ way.”

Bryan Cranston Said Houston Astros ‘Disrespected the Game’

The “Malcolm in the Middle” actor then elaborated on why he is no fan of the Houston Astros.

“The kicker is that they were already a very talented team… they sullied the reputation of baseball, their fans, and themselves – out of pure ego. They disrespected the game, and that is why they are universally disrespected and despised by nearly everyone who loves baseball, including me,” Bryan Cranston also wrote.

Cranston also believes that the Houston franchise was not punished enough for what happened a few years ago. He also hopes that history will judge those involved by keeping them out of the Hall of Fame and placing them in another “Hall.”

“Their duplicity was met with finger-waving admonishment as their punishment. The commissioner’s failure to protect the integrity of the game was a disappointment. So maybe the baseball writers can administer justice to these cheaters by remembering years from now, that several great players are hoping to enter the Hall. Correa, Altuve, Bregman, etc, all have a good shot at being elected to the Hall of Infamy.
I hope they make it,” Cranston shared.

Cranston then ended his post with a very simple message: “GO @braves,” he concluded. You can check out his post below.

The results of the first game of the 2021 World Series had to bring joy to Bryan Cranston. The Atlanta Braves won that opening game, 6-2. Game two of the fall classic takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 27.