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Bubba Wallace Breaking Down Life in NASCAR on LeBron James’ ‘The Shop’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/23XI Racing via Getty Images)

23XI team member Bubba Wallace is going to be featured in a new episode of LeBron James’ show about culture, sports, and life, The Shop. There have been musicians, athletes, actors, and many others featured on the show in the past.

The basic premise of the show is to talk about things that might be discussed at the local barbershop. Pop culture, news items, trending topics, and more. On top of that, the guests often reveal aspects of their professions that viewers often don’t see elsewhere.

Now, Bubba Wallace is slotted to be a guest on a packed episode. This one has just about something for everyone. The NASCAR driver will be joined by David Beckham, James Corden, Saweetie, Yvonne Orji, and Paul Rivera. Watch the teaser below.

“Everything else before you climb in that car is work. But the racing, that’s fun,” Wallace says in the teaser video.

Getting a NASCAR driver like Wallace together with a former top athlete like David Beckham has to produce some insightful moments. It will be interesting if the two are able to share any common takes on their respective sports. Then again, judging from the teaser Wallace might just get a lesson in Premier League rivalries.

With his first Cup Series win under his belt, Wallace is setting himself back on track as a rising star in the sport. While he didn’t make the playoffs this season, he has enough support on his team to make the next jump in the NASCAR standings.

So, if you want to, catch Bubba Wallace on The Shop tomorrow at 9 PM only on HBOMax.

Bubba Wallace Gets Screamed at By Kyle Busch

In the last outing, a meeting at the Kansas Motor Speedway for the Hollywood Casino 400, Bubba Wallace didn’t perform great. Neither did Kyle Busch. However, for one of these drivers, the stakes are much higher. While Wallace isn’t in the playoffs, Busch very much is.

During the race, lap 108 to be exact, Busch had his comms caught on a mic. The No.23 car sat in front of his M&Ms No.18 and couldn’t get around. He went to his headset to vent his emotions over the situation.

“Go the f&^* on! Ahhhh!!! … Oh my f$%*ing God dude, this kid…” his entire rant was caught on video and shared over on YouTube. However, he isn’t blaming anyone but himself and his own team. There isn’t going to be any blame put on Bubba Wallace for Busch’s 28th place finish.

However, if Busch plans to make it to the Round of 4 he can’t afford a performance like that again. Martinsville is going to cut four drivers by the end of the race. Right now, the 3-7 positions sit in a very tight race.