Bubba Wallace Breaks Silence After First Cup Series Win with Just One Word

by Quentin Blount

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace has finally spoken out after making history with his first-ever Cup Series win at Talladega on Monday. And he made sure to keep his message short and sweet.

Monday afternoon’s win marked the first-ever Cup Series Victory for Bubba Wallace and 23XI Racing. It was definitely a long time coming. If you follow NASCAR, then you probably know that Bubba Wallace has struggled and the team, in general, has had a tough year. But the future is looking bright after the win at Talladega.

Of course, poor weather kept the Cup Series playoff race in Las Vegas from happening as planned. The race was originally scheduled for Sunday at 4 p.m. ET. but that quickly changed when the rain started to come down as drivers were making their pace laps. Once the drivers made their way back to pit road, NASCAR had officially decided to postpone the race to the next day.

That turned out to be a blessing in disguise for 23XI Racing driver Bubba Wallace. He and his No. 23 Toyota Camry were able to capitalize on the rain-shortened race. Wallace finally broke his silence on social media just after 8 p.m. ET. on Monday night.

“Dub 🤘🏾” Wallace posted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Bubba Wallace fans were in the replies congratulating him and letting him know how proud they were of him. Wallace’s win was extra special for one die-hard fan who was at the race in person.

“Got to witness in person,” one fan proudly replied. “Been waiting for this moment since your first Daytona 500. Truly special. My heart was so full.”

“So proud of you, love you, Bubba!!!” another person said.

But there are still those who don’t believe Wallace had to work as hard for this victory as he would have for a different Cup Series race.

“[You won] on a technicality and on a Monday race nobody watched because NASCAR saw an opportunity for a public relations boost,” a third fan commented. “LOL congrats.”

Bubba Wallace Becomes Second Black Driver to Win a Cup Series Race

Monday’s Cup Series victory will go down in the history books. There is no question about that. With the win, Bubba Wallace officially became the second black Black NASCAR driver to earn a Cup Series victory.

As a result, Wallace was clearly filled with emotion after the race.

“Yeah, I never think about those things, and when you say it like that it obviously brings a lot of emotion. A lot of joy to my family, fans, friends… it’s pretty damn cool. Just so proud to be a winner in the cup series.”

We knew the moment would come eventually for Bubba Wallace but it did come as a little bit of a surprise on Monday. There could be big things in store for the driver in 2022.