Bubba Wallace Called Out by NASCAR Fans After Wrecking Alex Bowman

by Evan Reier

Its race day, and that means bumps, passes and everything in between. For Bubba Wallace, it was a bump that garnered a ton of attention.

And not especially positive attention either. During the Buschy McBush Race 400 on Sunday, NASCAR star Bubba Wallace and fellow driver Alex Bowman clashed. Not unheard of, but Bowman in particular has been known for his bad luck this season.

Wallace connected with his fellow driver, sending Bowman into the wall and causing major damage. The video below shows the aftermath, which is unfortunately all that’s directly available.

“Big moment for @BubbaWallace as he gets the wall,” Xfinity Racing tweeted. “Nice #MoreThanFast move by @ChaseBriscoe_14 to not plow into the back of the No. 23. #BuschyMcBusch400”

The connection caused Bowman to hit pit road. The driver reportedly needed a change of tires after being struck by Bubba Wallace.

“@Alex_Bowman had to come to pit road for tires after @BubbaWallace got into him.” @grace3140 tweeted.

Both racers were able to continue.

NASCAR Fans are Heated About Bubba Wallace

While it didn’t exactly do Bubba Wallace any favors either, many fans on Twitter are highlighting how it hurt Bowman. For example, @justin_dykstra complains in the context of Bowman’s recent luck.

“Once again, in someone else’s mess for @Alex_Bowman,” he tweeted. “It’s actually unbelievable. Thanks @BubbaWallace, your awful.”

In the same vein, @harleyrking fires at Wallace.

“@BubbaWallace typical Sunday, causes 48 to hit wall, loses it ALL by himself”

One of both Bowman and Wallace’s more famous moments from 2019 was when the latter threw water in Bowman’s face. One fan, @treyfraser, highlighted that by turning the situation on Bubba Wallace.

“Should @Alex_Bowman go throw water in @BubbaWallace s face after race? Nah. He’s better than that.”

Finally, one person highlighted that Bubba Wallace wasn’t exactly in the mix when the issue happened. Further, he jabbed at the NASCAR driver by referencing the news that he has a documentary on the way.

“Thanks @BubbaWallace you no talent having pos,” @DocHudson8818 tweeted. “A lap down taking out lead lap cars great job buddy I hope they show this in your Netflix series.”