Bubba Wallace Downs Drink Out of Huge Trophy After Winning Denny Hamlin’s Golf ‘Tour’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Bubba Wallace was drinking a sweet champions elixir straight from a trophy, Tuesday. He was celebrating a win. But it wasn’t on the NASCAR track. Rather, it was on the fairway.

Wallace tweeted two photos. He wrote “What a difference 3 years makes. Zero to Hero. Appreciate the time @TheGolfGuysTour.”

The Golf Guys Tour describes itself on its website as “the most frustrated amateurs on tour. 21 friends play golf regularly, crown a champ at the end. Enjoy our ride.”

And Denny Hamlin is he Golf Guys Tour founder and its commissioner. He also calls himself a “semi-pro” at playing golf.

Hamlin also happens to be the co-owner of the 23XI racing team. Michael Jordan, one of the best players in NBA history, is the co-owner with Hamlin. And Bubba Wallace is their driver.

Bubba Wallace Knows To Hang With Denny Hamlin, He Needs to Know Golf

But to hang with Hamlin, you also need to know how to use a wood and an iron. Plus, you probably need to understand the phrase “drive for show, putt for dough.” Hamlin is a hardcore golfer. He’s good friends with two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson. Hamlin also hosts a Pro-Am golf tournament with Mark Bryan of Hootie & The Blowfish. The two have sponsored the tournament since 2012. It usually features great golf and even better music.

Hamlin also plays golf with Michael Jordan, who is super competitive on the course. The NASCAR star brought up golf in January, when Bubba Wallace officially kicked off his career with 23XI Racing. In fact, the first time Wallace talked to Jordan was when the NBA legend was on the golf course with Hamlin.

Bubba Wallace recalled that first conversation when the NASCAR season started in January.

“He’s (Hamlin) like, ‘We just finished playing golf,” Wallace said of his conversation. ” ‘And here’s someone who wants to talk to you’. I had no idea, and someone goes like, ‘Hey, there’s no running in the back if we’re doing this thing’. I’m like, whoa it’s MJ! I thought that was pretty cool, pretty funny story.”

Wallace said he told Jordan he recently purchased some new clubs. Obviously, the new sticks paid off.

Wallace Also is Doing Netflix Documentary

And who knows, maybe Bubba Wallace and his win on the golf course will be documented for his new Netflix docu-series. He announced it a few days ago. It’s all about his 2021 season.

“You know me…I like to keep things real and raw,” Bubba Wallace wrote on Twitter. “Pumped to have @netflix capture these moments to share with you guys.”