Bubba Wallace Exchanges Tweets with Shaq About Possible Project in the Works

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Based on his recent partnerships, it seems that Bubba Wallace and NBA players make a good team. For instance, he signed with former NBA legend Michael Jordan’s racing team. Earlier this year, he collaborated with Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving’s brand to make an underwear line. Most recently, he and Shaquille O’Neil traded Tweets looking like they want to start a project together.

“Bubba, what’s happening? Reach out. I got a project for us,” Shaq said in his original Tweet. Bubba responded to the Tweet with a few eyeball emojis. “What’s good? I’m all ears,” he continued. As one fan pointed out, “careful. Shaq’s last project involved him falling through a table,” referring to his WWE affiliations.

Whatever Shaq and Bubba Wallace cook up, it certainly should be entertaining at least. Everything each of them has done up to this point suggests nothing different. From busting moves in a parking lot to falling through wrestling tables, Shaq never fails to bring applause. Bubba Wallace, however, can draw the same applause as he has engaged with a younger generation and demographic of NASCAR fans with his stances on social justice and political activism.

Shaqtivism with Bubba Wallace

In fact, neither Shaq nor Bubba Wallace has shied away from taking a stand. For instance, Shaq spoke about the Capitol riots earlier this year. He spoke about the contrast between the Black Lives Matter protests and the riots at the capitol. “So, obviously we saw an attack on our country, an attack on our democracy. And for all the people that sit back and think in 2022 that there is no white privilege, you saw it yesterday.”

Bubba Wallace has been extremely consistent in his outspoken support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for social justice. It all started in June when he wore an “I Can’t Breath” shirt to one of his races. From there, he fought to ban the confederate flag from all NASCAR events. From there, he has continued to be a voice for social justice in the NASCAR community.