Bubba Wallace Has His Own Underwear Line, Design Features Tread Marks

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

While typically you wouldn’t want skid marks on your underwear, Bubba Wallace has started making it cool. Well, maybe not those kinds of skid marks. Either way, the new underwear line from Bubba Wallace and the 23XI racing team features tread marks and a whole lot of style. The NASCAR star posted a picture of his new underwear line on Twitter earlier today.

“Most people try to avoid tread marks on their briefs,” Bubba Wallace said in his Tweet. “We embrace it! Introducing the latest and greatest design from my collab with PSD Underwear.”

The picture features the NASCAR star holding up a pair of the new boxer briefs. As he mentions, the briefs have tire marks running all over the design. However, Bubba certainly doesn’t seem to mind.

23XI Racing Collaborates with PSD Underwear

Bubba Wallace, the lead racer to the new 23XI racing team has collaborated with the PSD Underwear brand. This new underwear brand makes premium and on-trend boxer briefs for athleisure. NBA stars Kyrie Irving, Chandler Parsons, and Jimmy Butler own the up-and-coming underwear company.

The collaboration makes sense for that reason. For instance, Michael Jordan, the former NBA legend, owns the 23XI racing team alongside Denny Hamlin. So for them to team up Bubba Wallace with those NBA stars just makes sense. Together, 23XI racing and PSD Underwear will make a great pair… in more ways than one.

Bubba Wallace’s tread-mark design is not the only design available, however. The boxer company has teamed up with several other big-name brands, including Death Row Records, Loony Tunes, and DC Comics. They sell each graphic for 25 dollars per pair and standard design for 15 dollars per pair. They also sell face masks and socks.

Bubba Wallace Prepares for Today’s Race

Next Sunday, Bubba Wallace and the brand new 23XI racing team will participate in the Penzoil 400 race. Coming off a crash in the final lap of the Daytona 500, Wallace will look for a good finish in next week’s race. Yesterday, the racing team gave a sneak peek into what the paint job will look like for the race.

The number 23 car features the same red paint with Door Dash as their main sponsor. Bubba Wallace will be behind the wheel for the race. While last week the Toyota failed two inspections before being cleared to race, this time around the team expects a better showing. Tune in next Sunday at 2:30 p.m. for the Pennzoil 400 race.