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Bubba Wallace Opens Up About ‘Navigating 2020’ and NASCAR’s Mandatory Mask Rule

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

On October 23, Bubba Wallace appeared alongside SuperDuperKyle and Justin Laboy on Revolt TV’s show, “Navigating 2020.” The NASCAR driver, rapper/singer/songwriter and social media personality spoke on how they navigated the year with rapid change in lifestyle. The host, Jemele Hill, asked questions surrounding COVID-19 protocols, social changes surrounding race, and mental health.

On NASCAR COVID-19 Protocols

When asked about NASCAR’s mask rule and changes in the sport, Bubba Wallace kept a relatively positive outlook. After starting the season “with a bang,” all of the sports world came to a standstill. Despite the season’s halt amidst the pandemic, his team was able to maintain the momentum from their early success.

When the season started up again, Wallace learned to “lower his expectations” of what the year might bring. He found it challenging to adjust to the changes in fan interactions, travel schedule, and safety protocols. With that said, he thinks the changes will ultimately be positive adjustments in the sport.

Bubba Wallace also believes that even when the vaccine comes out, NASCAR should continue their safety procedures. “With all the hugging, and shaking hands, and using fans’ sharpies and whatnot,” he explains about social distancing measurements. “We don’t know where they’ve been and they don’t know where I’ve been.”

In the middle of his best season yet, Wallace has subsequently made some exciting moves away from the track as well. He signed a deal with Michael Jordan, driving in the number 23 car in the next few races. His overwhelming positive attitude toward the difficulties of the season bodes well for his fans moving forward. Despite the discomfort of wearing a mask after racing in a 150-degree car for hours, Bubba Wallace believes he has “a lot to look forward to in the next couple of weeks.”

Bubba Wallace on Other Elements of 2020

When asked about his social stance, Bubba Wallace cited everything as “a blessing”. As he noted, “if I didn’t stand up for what I think is right, I don’t think I would even be talking to you all today”. Watson says he always tries to stand up for what he believes both on and off the track. He tries to “surround yourself with the right people,” when he agrees to sponsorships and deals. As he notes, his conversations with his partners are always “what are we going to do away from the race track to help with what’s going on in the world today.”

Most of all, Bubba Wallace wants to make sure that he is setting the right example. He wants to be a role model whether the subject matter is racial equality, mental health, or simply doing your best. Bubba Wallace knows if the next generation learns from everything going on in 2020, we will be in good hands.