Bubba Wallace Reacts to Bills RB Antonio Williams’ New Statement Video About NASCAR

by Thad Mitchell

Bubba Wallace is an emerging star in the racing world and is proud his sport continues to draw positive attention from diverse fans.

Recently, several National Football League players have come out to say how much they enjoy NASCAR racing. A handful of NFL players, such as New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara, have put investments into the sport. It is another NFL running back, however, that has grabbed attention for his love of the sport. Many race drivers, including Bubba Wallace, have certainly taken notice of the positive publicity.

Antonio Williams, an undrafted running back for the Buffalo Bills, put out a video on Thursday proclaiming his NASCAR love. In the moving video, Williams says it was his grandfather that taught him to first love the sport. Williams stands near a racing track in the dead of night and talks about his relationship with his late grandfather. He also says he plans on honoring him by continuing his passion for the sport.

Bubba Wallace is among those who quickly took notice of Williams’ two minute and 19 second clip. Proclaiming 2021 to be “the year of the underdog,” the former North Carolina running back shares his story.

“Stories are meant to be told,” Williams says to open the video. “NASCAR means more to me than a lot of people know and my hunger is stronger than ever. Love the connection between myself and Joe Graf Jr.”

Bubba Wallace Praises NFL Player’s Interest in NASCAR

Graf Jr. is a NASCAR Xfinity series racer and is also shown in the video. He and Williams have struck up a partnership that will allow the Buffalo Bill to be involved in the sport he loves.

“With the platform that I have from the NFL, I knew I had a shot at getting some things done that I couldn’t have done before,” he says in the video. “I want to continue his (grandfather’s) push and love for NASCAR by finding a way to join the sport.”

Williams’ video tweet racked up thousands of likes and dozens of comments. Among the commenters is Bubba Wallace, who salutes the NFL player for pursuing his dream.

“This is dope,” Wallace says of his reaction to the video. “Glad to have you in this sport, bro.”