Bubba Wallace Responds to Kurt Busch Joining 23XI Racing: ‘Brings a Lot That I Don’t Have’

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that Kurt Busch has become the second-ever driver of Michael Jordan’s 23XI Racing, Bubba Wallace took to his Twitter to express his excitement for Busch joining the team. 

“Been holding it in for a while… duh,” Bubba Wallace states. “Beyond excited to have @KurtBusch join the fam!! Brings a lot that I don’t have to the team. Congrats homie!”

Prior to Bubba Wallace’s tweet, the 23Xi team announced the exciting news about Busch. In an official statement, Busch declared, “I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this opportunity. Racing to win is what I live for.”

Busch also stated that helping to continue developing a new team, alongside Michael Jordan, Denny Hamlin, and Toyota is exactly what he wants to be part of. “Winning is important to 23XI. It’s important to Monster Energy. And it’s important to me. That is our goal.”

Fellow NASCAR star Denny Hamlin teamed up with NBA legend Michael Jordan to create 23XI in September 2020. The duo revealed Bubba Wallace would be the team’s first driver. 

“Michael and I have shared a vision for this team. So it’s exciting to see it reflected in the team name and on the race with the iconic number 123 that Michael made famous,” Hamlin stated in a press release.

Hamlin previously spoke about Bubba Wallace’s performance earlier in the 2021 season by sharing, “Bubba has to continue to evolve as a driver. Put the work in and concentrate on how he can do his job to the best of his ability. Use all of the tools that are at his disposal.”

Bubba Wallace Opens Up About Growing 23XI 

During a conference earlier this spring, Bubba Wallace spoke about 23XI growth and development. “It’s only a matter of time. All cylinders are not firing at the same time. But we’re hitting all of them. They’re all kind of sporadic. So it’s like once we get that out and hit together, there’s a lot of potential with this team.”

Bubba Wallace also said that he’s looking to advance the team each and every race. He also wants to progress and get the team to the next level each and every race. 

“So whatever their time frame, I’m a part of it and I hope to continue that growth for many years to come,” Bubba Wallace stated. He then spoke about Michael Jordan’s experience with NASCAR. 

“He understands motorsports a little different. He had a superbike team. You know your an’t win every race,” Bubba Wallace noted. “Having Denny as co-owner there is managing expectations. He’s paying attention. Yeah, he knows we’re not winning, but he knows we’re continuing to take steps to make progress. It’s nothing you just right into and expect to win.”