Bubba Wallace, Ryan Blaney Hit the Wells Fargo Championship in New Pic: ‘Great Day with the Homies’

by Evan Reier

It wasn’t exactly an ideal weekend in Kansas City for Bubba Wallace, but he’s started off the next one pretty dang strong.

Bubba Wallace and fellow NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney hit the golf course on Friday. Well, they hit a PGA Tour golf course, as the stars took to Quail Hollow Club for the tour’s Wells Fargo Championship.

The photo was initially posted by Dylan Smith, a fellow professional driver who drives on other circuits other than NASCAR. Bubba added his comment, “Great day with the homies!” in his quote-tweet response.

The trio do appear to be having a good time, and its hard not to at Quail Hollow Club. The prestigious golf course is host to the Wells Fargo Championship, one of the biggest tournaments on the tour.

All the huge names from Jordan Spieth to Phil Mickelson are in the field, and it features a whopping $8.1 million purse. That means the tourney winner will earn a $1.458 million prize.

While Bubba Wallace will watch from the sidelines on Friday, he’ll be gearing up for another race on Sunday.

Bubba Wallace Looking for Redemption on Sunday

Last weekend, Bubba Wallace got himself into a bit of trouble. His crash caused issues with Alex Bowman, and it also led to a 26th place finish at the NASCAR Cup Series race in Kansas.

But what might be more concerning for Wallace than issues with his crash or with the fans is potential trouble with Denny Hamlin. Hamlin joined Michael Jordan to form 23XI Racing, which then signed Wallace.

According to Sportscasting, Hamlin has been annoyed by Bubba Wallace not assisting his fellow Toyota drivers.

The outlet highlighted a Tweet from established reporter Jordan Bianchi, who caught Hamlin responding to issues over the radio.

The context was that Wallace wasn’t working the draft, which would help his teammates in the race. Hamlin’s response to his crew was not exactly glowing.

“Denny Hamlin upset that Bubba Wallace is not managing the draft well and working with his teammates. ‘The same thing happened at Daytona.'” Bianchi wrote.

While Bubba will need to produce results to keep Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin happy, it’s likely going to be equally important he is supportive of the Toyota drivers around him.