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Bubba Wallace Shares Inspirational Post with Twitter Followers

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

While most people see Bubba Wallace as an invincible, tough, and unstoppable racing force, today he shared his soft side. Earlier today on Twitter, the NASCAR personality and racing phenom posted a vulnerable and inspiring message to his fans. On Twitter, he shared a message to inspire his followers and fans to never give up.

In the first part of his two-part message, Bubba Wallace addressed his audience. “To my people who feel like giving up. To my people that feel like sh-t constantly. And to my people who feel like they won’t amount to sh-t. To my people who feel like they can’t do. To my people who feel… nothing. I, too, live it at times,” Wallace shared with his followers.

He didn’t stop there, however. Bubba Wallace also responded to that Tweet, continuing the inspirational message with some advice. “Giving up is not an option for us,” Bubba said in his response. “Keep grinding through it, yes it is hard. You control your destiny, not others. Can’t means you aren’t trying hard enough, stay persistent. Every day is a new opportunity. Keep on keeping on, even when you feel like giving up. Love you!” he tagged on to the end.

Bubba Wallace Always Fights for Social Justice

Since bursting onto the scene as one of NASCAR’s young talents and premiere racers, Bubba Wallace has consistently stood up for what he believes in. For instance, in one of his very first races, Wallace drove with a Black Lives Matter sticker on his car. He also wore an “I can’t breathe” t-shirt to the track on one of the race days.

With that in mind, this particular post could live in that same vein. In the first string of inspirational messages, Bubba Wallace repeats the same first four words “To my people that,” which suggests he could be referring to other African Americans. This would make sense due to his constant campaign for racial equality. The repeated lines also resemble Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech which involved the same poetic device of anaphora.

Whether Bubba Wallace’s message is one specifically geared toward victims of racial oppression or just generally to his fans, it is a message that can reach a lot of people. For so many beyond just fans of NASCAR, Wallace’s words carry a lot of weight. He epitomizes someone who worked diligently and relentlessly to reach his goal, so his message really hits home for those that have not seen the benefit of their hard work yet.