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Bubba Wallace Shows Love to Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s New Video Driving Legendary #8 Car in Cul-De-Sac

by Charles Craighill
(Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

In all of NASCAR history, every fan knows a few numbers. Dale Earnhardt’s legendary number 3, Jeff Gordan’s number 24, perhaps soon enough, Bubba Wallace number 23 car. However, only the truly dedicated fans know the significance of a number 8 Chevy Nova.

In 2019, the original car went on auction. However, Earnhardt’s son Dale Earnhardt Jr. has undertaken a restoration project of a Chevy Nova to make it just like his late father’s. He has been updating his fans with the progress on social media as it happens. Finally, he shared a video to Twitter of the final product, fully equipped with the paint job, motor, and number 8 from his father’s original model.

He gave the specifics to the legendary car’s setup on Twitter. “Setting up the Nova today,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said on Twitter. “Squared up the rear end, no trailing arm slug adjustments. 9.75 even track bar. +.5 LF 3.5 RF caster -2.8 LF 3.3 RF camber 1/8 toe out 113” wheelbase, 1/8 shorter RS Neutral swaybar.”

Bubba Wallace Reacts to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Video

While Dale Earnhardt Jr. recreated an old racing legends car, racing legends in the making take notes. For instance, the new 23XI driver Bubba Wallace reacted to the video and thread on Twitter.

“Damn! Baddass!!” Wallace said on Twitter with some drooling emojis.

The sound of the engine and the shape of the car certainly does evoke a certain kind of nostalgic emotion from races long ago. For fans like Bubba Wallace who probably grew up on Dale Earnhardt Sr., this video really hits home. Also, how special is it for the racing legend’s son, Dale Earnhardt Jr. to take on that challenge and recreate the historic car. Even better, Dale Jr. restored the new model with Robert Gee Jr., whose father originally built the car with Dale Sr.

The original model, driven by Earnhardt Sr. himself, went to auction two years ago in 2019. The car first gained notoriety wearing the number 8 by winning the first-ever Busch Series race in 1986. Where was this? You guessed it, the legendary Daytona Super Speedway. Dale Earnhardt Sr. drove the car for a while before retiring it, but would still bust it out for some of the Vintage auto races in the 1990s.