Bubba Wallace Tells Up and Coming NASCAR Driver ‘No Pressure’ in Look Back

by Keeli Parkey

Bubba Wallace must remember what it’s like to be a new race car driver. And, he is doing his part to encourage a younger driver who is just starting his career.

On Sunday (Feb. 7), Twitter user Brandon Chrasta shared a screenshot from Racing-Reference.Info that showed a stat page for up-and-coming driver Rajah Caruth. “@rajahcaruth_you’ve officially made it man, Good luck tomorrow!!! Proud of you,” Chrasta posted along with the screenshot.

Caruth was excited to see the tweet. “Man!! That is so cool. Hope I can start my stat list off with a bang,” Caruth retweeted and responded.

Bubba Wallace, one of NASCAR’s biggest stars, also saw the tweets and he chimed in on the conversation Sunday evening. “11 years ago, the kid driving that same 6 car won the first race out the box.. No pressure,” Wallace tweeted.

Caruth responded via Twitter: “Thx cuz,” he posted along with a laughing emoji.

Bubba Wallace Congratulates Young Racer on October 2020 Victory

At only 18 years old, Caruth is quickly making a name for himself in the racing world. According to an article on NASCAR.com, during October 2020 he won a Late Model race at Greeneville-Pickens Speedway in South Carolina. It was the first Late Model victory in his very brief career. He drove the No. 6 Sunoco Toyota in the win. He races for Rev Racing.

The article also reported that Caruth was a fan of NASCAR from a young – well, younger – age. He became a very respected sim racer on iRacing and worked with the eNASCAR Ignite Series. His connection with that group gave him access to racing even though he didn’t have a chance to be around a traditional race track.

Following Caruth’s victory at the Greeneville-Pickens Speedway last year, Bubba Wallace also reached out to him on Twitter, according to the article.

“Proud of the little bro!!!” Wallace posted on Oct. 3. “@GP_Speedway has always been good to me, got my first win there back in 2020. Keep grinding bro!”

Wallace Hilariously Roasts Himself During 2021 Pro Bowl Event

Bubba Wallace showed off his sense of humor earlier this year when he participated in a game of Madden NFL 21 as part of the NFL’s virtual Pro Bowl event. Participating in the event were NFL stars, as well as members of the Hall of Fame. Also reportedly invited were athletes from other sports and celebrities.

Wallace was one of the athletes who joined in on the fun. He talked with the Pro Bowl players and took the lead on one of the All-Star teams. While participating, he also had a little fun – at his own expense – by making a pretty hilarious joke. In fact, the joke was such a hit that the game was stalled for a while so everyone could regain their composure.

You can watch Wallace in action below.