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Bubba Wallace is ‘Wheels Up’ for This Weekend’s NASCAR Race

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace can’t wait for this weekend’s race. Meanwhile, fans want to know where they can buy his sweatshirt.

This weekend is the NASCAR Xfinity and Cup Series Race in Las Vegas. Bubba Wallace let fans know that he is getting ready for the race via a Twitter post. Bubba shared a photo of himself decked out in Columbia Sportswear gear. Along with the photo, he wrote, “On the move. Wheels up to Vegas.”

His car for this weekend will feature Columbia Sportswear. This marks the first paint change of the season. For his first few races, he repped DoorDash on his black, white, and red car. But the paint scheme for this weekend includes Columbia’s signature blue color, along with black and white camouflage.

Where Can You Get Bubba Wallace’s Columbia Hoodie?

Fans are definitely looking forward to the race this weekend. One fan wrote, “You got this Bubba!!! Go #23.” Another wrote, “Make some noise this weekend. Go Bubba!!!”

But getting fans hyped for this weekend’s race in Las Vegas wasn’t the only thing Bubba Wallace accomplished with his post. As most NASCAR fans know, drivers are required to rep their sponsors’ products. You can often see Bubba sharing posts about McDonald’s, DoorDash, or his other sponsors. The goal is to get fans excited about these brands too. And Bubba definitely accomplished that with this post. After sharing this photo, countless followers asked where they could get a hoodie like Bubba’s. One fan wrote, “Where can I find this Columbia hoodie??” Another fan commented, “That hoodie is on hit! Where, who?” Another commenter wrote, “Great looking hoodie. Where can I get one?”

If you’re also a fan of Bubba Wallace’s hoodie, you can find the sweatshirt on Columbia’s website. It’s even on sale!

Is There A Hidden Message In Bubba’s New Car Paint Job?

Bubba has been a proud and vocal advocate for the Black Live Matter movement since last year. One of his cars featured a black and white hand interlocking. Under the hands were the words, “Compassion, Love, Understanding.” So, it’s no surprise that the new paint job on Bubba’s car this weekend has fans asking, “Is there a hidden message of unity on Bubba’s new car?”

This week, Bubba shared a photo of his logo hidden in the camouflage paint scheme on his new car. His previous logos featured his initials “B” and “W” with a hand in the shape of the rockstar hand gesture in the middle. But, his new logo reveals a small change to the hand. The potentially new logo shows the index finger pointing up to show a “we’re number one” hand gesture. Although the hand in the Black Lives Matter logo is different, some fans are wondering if the new logo is connected. However, other fans had no idea what they were even looking at in the photo. One fan hilariously wrote, “Yo Bubba. In all seriousness- what am I looking at here? Am I missing something? Lol help me bro.”