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Buccaneers’ Antoine Winfield Jr. Handed Punishment by NFL for Mocking Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill

by Evan Reier
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Nearly a week after Super Bowl LV, the NFL has dished out punishment for Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Antoine Winfield Jr.

The young corner had a solid regular season and an even better postseason. Both he and the Buccaneers defense arguably had their best performance of the year against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, beating the defending NFL champs 31-9.

However, in the midst of the massive victory, Winfield taunted Kansas City star Tyreek Hill. According to reporter Tom Pelissero, the NFL has now responded.

“The NFL fined #Bucs CB Antoine Winfield Jr. $7,815 for mocking Tyreek Hill’s signature peace sign after a late fourth-down stop in Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl win.”

Winfield played his part with a pick on quarterback Patrick Mahomes. But it was his and the Bucs’ limiting coverage of Hill that was equally important. “The Cheetah” brought down seven receptions for 73 yards. Considering his insane three-touchdown, 269-yard performance against Tampa in Week 12, it was certainly a victory for the Bucs.

In that insane performance in Week 12, Tyreek did his fair share of taunting, as he often does on the field. For some, it adds to the fun and showmanship of the game. For others, it appears disrespectful.

Antoine Winfield Jr. Likely Doesn’t Mind the Fine

When you’re getting postseason bonuses and already making an NFL salary, a $7,815 fine isn’t exactly a major punishment. The NFL knows this, and is more likely just fining Winfield as a gesture than as any real response.

Not to mention that Winfield isn’t losing sleep over the fine. After Super Bowl LV, Winfield was asked by reporters in the post-game press conference about the taunting.

“The taunting, man, it’s something I just had to do,” Winfield said. “When we played them earlier, Hill went off on us. He back-flipped in front of my face and gave me the peace sign. So it was only right that I gave him the peace sign right back to him. It felt amazing to do that. I’m not even gonna lie.”

When you’re a 22-year-old who just finished his rookie NFL season with a Super Bowl title, there can’t be much that bothers you.